I haven’t had my big cameral out for absolutely ages and I’m missing it.  Usually it’s always hanging around my neck, but recently we’re been so busy with just general ‘routiney’ stuff that I haven’t really felt the need take my camera out.  One of the things about our up coming to trip to South Africa that I’m really looking forward to is getting behind the lens again.

My iphone cameral on the other is always on the go and I often forget about the pictures on there.  I’ve just done a big download (to free up some memory space) and it’s amazing how many photos are on there!!

Here’s a look at life through my iphone lens lately for Wordless Wednesday.   Life through my iphone lens 1

1.  Having a coffee with my brother after he popped into Sydney for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  He lives in Hong Kong so I don’t get to see him too often.  Can you tell he’s a wee bit jet lagged??
2.  The girls planted strawberries in our veggie patch at the beginning of the summer and have be so excited to see them growing.  It’s hard to keep up though because they eat them as fast as they turn pink!!
3.  Having my hair done (rather painfully) while Josh does his weekly swim squad training.  I was being ‘Elsa-ed’ apparently.
4.  Dressing up in her big brothers clothes.  It’s one of her favourite things to do at the moment.
5.  Off to her first ever ballet class.  She absolutely loves it, and I’m a tiny bit sad that this is my baby and the last lot of ‘baby dance’ classes I’ll be going to.
6.  Tiny feet.  How cute are these little shoes??  They’re from Holster .
Life through my iphone lens 2 1.  Best friends.  These two have literally known each other from the day they were born and have spent every Monday together ever since.
2.  Josh trying to teach Lexi how to be ‘cool’.
3.  Admiring the old surf board display in Manly.  I have been given very explicit details of the board he would like for his birthday – which is still 6 months away.
4.  A VERY rare sight.  Josh reading the girls a story.
5.  First place at the school swim carnival!!  He was very proud of himself, especially after not even wanting to take part.
6.  Hanging out together one Sunday in Manly.  We often spent Sundays together as a family just hanging out and seeing where the day takes us.
Life through my iphone lens 3 1.  Lucky boy, off to enjoy an after school surf lesson.  I’m very lucky too as I get to spend every Wednesday afternoon hanging out on the beach watching.
2.  Hanging out in the spa – in the rain!!!  What’s better than swimming in the rain when you’re a kid.
3.  Higher, mum HIGHER!!  I’m still not a fan of swings.
4.  Hubby enjoying a Sunday beer.  He probably only had about 5 seconds peace before someone wanted something.
5.  Breakfast of champions.  I met up with a girl friend for breakfast on the beach last Sunday morning and it was the best way to catch up when we both have such busy weeks.
6.  Hanging out with the beautiful Kate (UberKate) and Cass (Live it Do it) at a blogging event.
Life through my iphone lens4 1.  Pretty flowers grown and handpicked by me.  I hope they last as I’m not very green fingered!!
2.  First ripe mango of the season.  I enjoyed in a smoothie and no one else would eat it.
3.  Gold tipped feathers at the local farmers market.  Once a month on a Friday morning I give myself and hour to wander around the local farmers market with a coffee – it’s fabulous.
4.  Silly selfies.
5.  Watching TV upside down in perfectly normal.
6.  TIRED!!

Don’t forget to download your phone photos every now and again.  I bet you have some real gems in there.

Have a very happy day.

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24 comments on “Life through my iphone lens for Wordless Wednesday”

    • Hahaha thanks! The mango tree that only produced three mangos – but they were perfect and delicious! x

  1. Hi Rob, so good to see these pics and as I follow you on IG & FB too I do catch up more often. Each time I drive down Powderworks road on my way to see dad at Dee Why I think “I wonder how Robyn’s going…any closer to getting her house in Sydney!!” love Denyse x

    • Hi Denyse, lovely to hear from you. How are you enjoying the Central Coast after your big move?? Looks like you’re having lots of fun with the grandkids. We’re still in ‘saving’ mode for that one day dream home. It’s just soooo expensive here xx

  2. What a great bunch of iPhone photo’s! So lovely to meet your brother! Gorgeous pics of your lovely kids. What’s this about you going to South Africa?! Wow – how exciting! I haven’t had my big camera out much lately either, but plan to use it a lot when we go to Tasmania in late April (not as exciting as South Africa but still exciting!). 🙂 x

    • I know – it’s super exciting!!!! My sister is getting married just outside of Cape Town and then we’re going to visit Mr D’s family near Jo’burg. I can’t wait to take the kids on safari!! Enjoy Tasmania – it’s on my list of places to visit xx

  3. Some ripper memories there! Couple of really spesh moments captured. That’s what I love about iphones – you can just whip it out in an instant and snap something that would otherwise go un-captured. I’m a bit like you, go through stints using my big fancy pancy camera. I have to make a real conscious effort.

    • I go through phases with my fancy camera but it’s defiantly way to easy to use the iphone. What did we do before camera phones??

  4. I love the one of Lexi and her friend, so cute! And the one of the girls watching tv upside down haha classic.

    My phone is always full. I download the photos every few weeks, but my problem is I dont delete them all off my phone after downloading them! I’ll delete like 200-300 photos and within a week its full again. I think I have like 3000 photos on my phone, whoops!

    • 3,000 wowzers!! I always delete mine once I’ve downloaded (which is not very often!). I’m too much of a OCD freak to keep them there, hahaha x

  5. Such beautiful pic – they capture the essence of summer! ! I’m a shocker, I’m happy to snap but I’m so lazy getting the photos off my phone. Yesterday I went to a fancy event, went to take my first photo and my phone was full! Lucky I had my big girl’s camera on standby!

    • That was lucky. I’ve been to a fancy event before with just my big camera and realised that the battery was still at home on charge!!! Not my finest moment, lol x

  6. How lucky is it that phones have cameras!!
    I can see why there is not enough time to get your big camera out!! Your trip sounds very exciting!!
    Great pics Mrs D

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