Last week Techie Mum nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I was really flattered, so thank you very much.  I just love writing my blog and it’s so rewarding to know that there are lots of you out there that read it.  I have to admit I had never heard of the Liebster Award before and had to do a bit of googling to find out more about it.  What I discovered made me feel even more flattered to be nominated, especially as a newbie to the blogging world and it’s something I will definitely be passing on.  So here it is:

So what is a Liebster Award? The award is given to support and recognise up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers (on their blog) or likers (on their Facebook page). The word “Liebster” apparently has German origins and is reported to mean sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. By following some basic rules (answer 11 questions set by your nominee, write 11 questions of your own and pass the award onto 11 other bloggers to answer) it enables readers to get to know new bloggers and connect with a wider audience.
The questions Techie Mum set for me are:

What is your favourite techie gadget?
It has to be my iphone.  Some days I think it is actually a part of my body – like an extra arm.  I would be totally lost without it.  It has just about my whole life on it!  Good or bad – what do you think??

Laptop or desktop computer?

Mmmmm – both I think.  I do most of my work on a desktop (love my imac) but sometimes when I’m in bed I use an ipad and think a laptop would be quite handy!

Does your family complain about how much time you spend on the computer?
I’m pretty sure they do!!!  I often end up squeezing 10 minutes in here and there throughout the day, just to keep on top of things.  I do feel guilty most days that I should be doing more with the kids and less on the compter.  More hours in the day please!!

If money were no object what techie gadget would you buy?
A new Apple laptop

How do you manage your to-do lists?  Paper, phone, app?
Mostly apps.  My two favourites are Any.DO and Toodledo.  Toodledo allows you to sink with other phones which is quite handy when Mr D and I are sharing a to-do list.

So what about your calendar.  Do you use a diary/organiser or your phone/computer?
I use my phone – again, couldn’t cope without it.

Which operating system do you use?  Apple or windows?
Apple.  Mr D converted me to Apple from Windows about 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  LOVE it.

Have you ever taken a break from technology and for how long?
I’m actually quite horrified to say that I haven’t.  I feel a challenge coming on………

What do you use to take photos?  A camera or your phone?
I’d say a bit of both, although I’m probably leaning more towards the phone.  On weekends and holidays I will bring out the SLR as it definitely takes the best pics.  However everyday life moments these days always seems to be caught on the phone!

Do you read real books or do you have an e-reader?  
I’m so busy that I hardly read books at all these days!!  I miss it.  Mr D bought me a kindle last Christmas and I do love it.  I don’t think I’d ever go back to ‘real books’.

Complete this sentence.  The most trouble technology ever go me into was……
Hahaha – a few years ago, when the iphones were still very new and exclusive, I accidentally washed Mr D’s brand new one in the washing machine as I forgot to check his pockets!!  It didn’t go down well at all!  Although I still think he should have checked his own pockets!!  (I also washed his wallet and lottery ticket in the same wash – oops!).

These lucky 11 bloggers get the following questions from me:

  1. Is your blog your job or your hobby?
  2. Do you work from home and if so how do you manage to work around the kids?
  3. If you could have a whole day to yourself what would you do?
  4. What’s your favourite quick, never fail dinner recipe?
  5. Are you good at saying No when you need to? (I’m terrible)
  6. What’s the most embarrassing situation your little ones have put you in when out and about?
  7. Are you currently following your passion?
  8. Are you super organised or do you survive in organised chaos?
  9. Have you ever moved country before?
  10. Do you have a thermomix?  Do you love it?
  11. Camping!  Love it or hate it??

Pop over and visit these lovely 11 blogs and see what they have to say about my questions.  And of course don’t forget to visit the lovely Techie Mum

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