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I’m totally jumping on the band wagon here and following on from a few bloggers who have recently interviewed their husbands.  It all started with the lovely Kylie from ‘A study in contradictions’.  She was having a case of writers block and decided to interview her husband for lack of a better story.  It was hilarious and very catchy!!  You can read her interview here.

Mr D is working from home today, so I decided to grab the opportunity while I could and get my interview done.

Me:  “Babe I need to interview you.”  Mr D:  “What for?”  Me: “My blog.  It’ll make a good story and all the other bloggers have done it!”  Mr D: “Will I get comments?”  Me: “Maybe…..”  Mr D:  “Will I get more than you?”  Me: “No!”  Mr D: “Why not??”  Me:  “because it’s my blog!”  Mr D:  “I bet I do!”  Me:  “Ok you’re on!!”

Question 1:  What is the best part of being married to Robyn?

Long delay……….. Me: “Why are you taking so long to answer??”  Mr D:  “I’m thinking!!”  He sips his tea and smirks at me.  I roll my eyes.  Finally……. Mr D:  “There are so many things, I don’t know where to start.”  Me:  “At the beginning.  Mr D:  “Okay Okay! I love the way you look after us and that you’re so sexy and that you love me.  Me: “Aww really?”  Mr D:  “Yes, really.”  (He’s right, I do love him).  Mr D:  “Oh and I love that you’re our family PA.  We’d never remember anything without you.” Me: “Well I suppose that’s still a compliment.”

Question 2:  What is the worst part about being married to Robyn?

Mr D:  “You don’t deal with pressure very well.  You’re like a porcupine when you’re in a bad mood – we all have to duck for cover otherwise you’ll shoot quills at us!”  he says, chucking away to himself. Me: You answered that one quickly!  Mr D: (still chuckling): “Do I have to duck now??”  Me: “Very funny!” (although he might have a tiny point – but only a tiny one!!).

Question 3:  What is Robyn’s most annoying habit?

Mr D:  “Not taking medicine when you’re sick.”  Me:  “I don’t need it!  “Mr D:  “You do!”  Mr D:  “And you also have an annoying habit of brushing problems under the carpet and not dealing with them until they get worse.”  Me:  “Like what????  Mr D:  “I don’t know off the top of my head………Oh like parking fines!!”

Question 4:  What is Robyn’s most endearing habit?

Mr D:  “What’s endearing?”  Me: “Something about me that’s loveable?? Cute??”  “Oh, ummmmm, well…….”  Me: “Well???? ”  Mr D :  “That’s a hard one.”  Me:  “No it isn’t, come on!!”  Mr D:  “Why couldn’t you email me these questions in advance??”  Me:  “because you don’t read my emails.”  Mr D:  “Can I come back to this one?”  Me:  “Really???? Fine!”

Question 5:  What do you most admire about Robyn?

Mr D: “That’s easy!  You’re incredibly driven and focused when you want to achieve something.”  Me: “Thanks love.  Okay you’ve redeemed yourself from question 4.”

Question 6:  What was the first thing that attracted you to Robyn?

Mr D:  “Your eyes and your lips.  I love them both.”

Question 7:  What do you most enjoy about being a Dad?

Mr D:  “Coming home from work and being rugby tackled by three kids, all super excited and shouting ‘DAD DAD DAD!’  Me: “A bit like hero worshipping then?”  Mr D: (laughs) “Yeah.  I like it!!”   mrs d plus 3 interview with a husband 2.jpg

Question 8:  What do you least enjoy about being a Dad?

Mr D:  “Not having enough time for us.  You and me.”

Question 9:  What was your favourite thing to do with Robyn before you had kids?

Mr D:  “I miss your flying days.  When I used to just jump on a plane with you and you’d serve me in first class.  Then we’d spend a couple days somewhere…… shopping, drinking, eating out, checking out the hotel room *wink wink*!!”  Me:  Ahem – less of the serving you in first class please!!!” Mr D: (laughs) but you did!”

Question 10:  What do you miss doing with Robyn now that you have kids and limited time?

Mr D:  “Are you really going to be writing this down?”  Me:  “Yes.”  Mr D:  “Okay, same as the last question then.”

Question 11:  What is your most hated household chore?

Mr D:  “Paying the bills”.

Question 12:  What is your least hated household chore?

Mr D:  “Taking out the bins?”  Me:  “Really???  That’s just weird!”  Mr D:  “It’s satisfying… sort of…. it’s getting rid of all the crap!”  Me:  “Okay then!”

Question 13:  What’s your favourite thing to cook?

Mr D:  “A poetjie (a South African stew)”  Me:  “Can you pick something else please, I can’t spell that.” Mr D: (laughs) “Okay, I love using your thermomix to make bread”.

Question 14:  What do you think annoys Robyn the most about you?

Mr D:  “Everything!” (laughs).  Me:  “Seriously!!  Mr D:  “Okay I’ll be be serious.  How about leaving cupboards doors open??  That drives you crazy!”  Mr D:  (laughs again) “Oh yeah, and hanging up wet towels and leaving my coffee cup in the bathroom??  Me:  Mmmmm yes!  Lets move on…”

Question 15:  What do you think Robyn loves most about you?

Mr D:  “That I’d drop everything if she needed me.”  Me: (heart melts a little)  Mr D:  “That I make her tea before bed every night and coffee first thing every morning.  That I don’t restrict her spending. That I get up with the kids in the mornings……”  Me:  “Geez you can’t think of anything endearing about me, but you sure can reel off a list about you!!  Mr D:  (laughs loudly).

Question 16:  Why do you think Robyn is lucky to be married to you?

Mr D:  “Are you lucky??”  Me:  “YES!”  Mr D: (smiles) because I get you!

Question 17:  What is the secret to a happy marriage?

Mr D:  “Communication and compromise!  and lots of sex!”  Me:  “Of course!!”

Finally, back to Question 4:  What’s my most endearing habit?

Mr D:  I knew from the moment I first met you that you were a strong enough person to be able to look after me if I needed you to.  That’s one of your best qualities.  If anyone ever needs help, you’re always the first one to do it.  I also knew from the first time I met you that I’d marry you!”  Me:  (heart melts a bit more)  Really, from the first time?  I didn’t know that!”  Mr D:  “I really did.”

So there you have it.  My interview with Mr D.  I think you’ll all agree that I married a good egg.

Have you ever interview your husband?  It’s quite fun actually, you should try it.

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26 comments on “Interview with a husband: Mr D”

  1. You sure did. This was lovely. You guys sound so happy and playful.Very sweet answer to question four.
    Ps. I like taking the bins out too for the same reason 🙂

    • Thanks chick!! Go on, you know you want to?? Or maybe it’s just that I want you to – it’ll be a great read :))

  2. Oh I love this, Robyn. And I say that as a fellow porcupine! Ha! I also adore how Mr D called it YOUR thermie. Lord help him if he tried to take ownership of such a prized possession! 😉

  3. Hi Robs thought I would read this while waiting for the boys to get up!! How good was Pete answering your questions! His answers did make me smile, of course not the mood one though he he so not true bless think I might ask Nick these questions though i know I will not get such nice answers!! Hope you all well miss you x x x

  4. Haha I love this so funny! I dread to think what my hubby would say – don’t think I’d dare ask 😉 xo

  5. That was such a sweet interview. Robyn, for some reason I don’t like to take a lot of medicines either, and I love being rid of the rubbish on bin day!

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