Change is something that is often so hard to get your head around, but how could we possibly grow without it??

I’ve had to deal with quite a lot of change in my life.  Some of it has been huge, like moving to England with my family when I was only a pre-teen, and then moving again to Australia three years ago with my own children.  Some changes have been a lot more subtle though, but equally as tough. I think that sometimes (for me anyway) it’s the mental changes that are the toughest.  If I think back to the person I was just a few years ago – she’s almost a completely different me.

When I was in my early twenties I went through a pretty heart wrenching break-up and it left me in a bit of a crumpled mess.  One of my lecturers at the time was a very spiritual lady and she taught the me art of Reiki, (which I fell in love with and became a Master Practitioner myself). She also taught me a little something about change which I have never forgotten and I often find myself referring back to it again and again.

It went something like this…….

You life is just like your wardrobe.  You can only use it to store clothes that actually fit you and that you’d happily wear.  If you kept all your baby and toddler clothes in your wardrobe, you would have no room for when you become a pre-teen and then a teenager etc.  There would be no room for you to grow.  You’re always going to have certain outfits that are so adorable or really sentimental that you’ll want to keep forever, and that’s ok, but they need to be put away somewhere safe where you can get to them as and when you need to.

This is exactly how we should to deal with our emotions as we change and grow through life.  If you cling on to everything you would never be able to move forward in life.  Change is a good thing.  That’s not to mean you have to let go of everything.  Some things are precious and need to be stored but others we just have to let go of so there is room for the new stuff.

I hope this resonates with some of you, as it’s a little gem that has really helped me to let go and move forward.

What’s blocking you from moving forward??  Are you ready to pack it away?

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7 comments on “How to deal with change”

  1. What a fantastic post. I love the analogy with a wardrobe. THANK YOU Robyn for sharing this with us.
    Have the best weekend !

  2. Oops, comment disappeared… or delete this if it didn’t… just wanted to say that I love the Biddhist idea that change is all around and we just need to roll with it and embrace it.

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