Almost ready to go…
It’s the second week of the school holidays and Mr D has the week off, so what better to do than a mini road trip.  I found a great deal on Scoopon ( for a little apartment right opposite the beach in a place called Hawkes Nest.  It’s two and a half to three hours’ drive north from where we are in Sydney.  Perfect – Our first trip away as a family of 5!  The last time we did a road trip I was 7 months pregnant with Miss L and it wasn’t the most comfortable drive I have to admit.  (Mr D just didn’t seem to understand that a pregnant woman needs to use the bathroom – frequently!!!!).  Hopefully this trip will be easier with Miss L out my belly, rather than in it!
Excited much????  We only just squeezed them in!
We planned to leave at 8am in the morning, but of course that was never going to happen!! (I’ve learnt from my parents always to add an hour at least on to any time a dad give you).  Even though the kids were up with the sparrows (or I should say cockatoo’s), we still only managed to hit the road at 9:30.  The car was loaded up to its full capacity and I think we even managed to pack the kitchen sink!!  Well it looked that way anyway.  It’s amazing how much stuff you need to pack for a 5 day beach trip with 3 littlies.  We almost didn’t have space for them!!  Just as we were about to hit the highway (only 15 minutes into the trip), Master J had already started with the “are we there yet dad’s?” and Miss L decided that RIGHT NOW was the time she needed more milk!
Quick bottle stop!
The journey wasn’t too bad at all.  Both the big kids had a little nap and Miss L did very well for her first long(ish) car journey.  She only screamed for the last hour!!  She was fed  and comfy so there was not a lot we could do except sing above her.  Master J just sat with his hands over his ears and Miss H didn’t really seem too fussed by all the noise.  Both Mr D and I remember a time when Master J screamed for an entire plane journey (it was only an hour flight), so we knew that she’d have the potential to scream for at least that long – and she did!!  When we finally arrived and got her out for a cuddle she was happy as a kookaburra.  Typical!
Power nap
Compulsory milkshake stop
After just over 3 hours and only 1 wee and milkshake stop we finally arrived, dumped our bags in the apartment and hit the beach.
Checking out the waves as soon as we arrive (just like Grandpa does)
Happy holidays x
Hawksnest main beach – stunning!
Miss H building a princess castle for her barbie
worn out! (must have been all that screaming)
We have the next five days to explore this beautiful part of New South Wales together and I can’t wait!


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