It’s week 9 of the school term and the last week of March already!!!  I’ve been pretty slack on here recently and have been itching to get on to my computer to write.  We’ve been pretty busy with two major events happing in our house this month.
Firstly, we submitted our application for Permanent Residency in Australia last week – and phew!! what a relief it is to finally have it out of our hands.  We have lived here in Sydney for two years now and absolutely love it.  I can’t think of anywhere else in the world I would rather bring up my kids.  However without permanent residency we run the risk of being ‘asked to leave’ at any point, which is a pretty stressful thing to have hanging over our heads.  The paperwork has been epic (7kg worth to be precise), but we have at last submitted and now we’re just holding our fingers tightly crossed that we get accepted.
Sydney you are so beautiful
The second big event has been having Grandpa and Granny Beer to stay.  (Master J couldn’t say the ‘de’ in de Beer when he was a baby, and so Granny and Grandpa ‘Beer’ just stuck).  The last time we saw Mr D’s parents was about 3 years ago when Miss H was only 9 months old.  This has been a long anticipated visit and it’s been wonderful having them around.
So lovely to have Granny & Grandpa ‘Beer’ here at last
The rest of this month consisted of lots of mundane, everyday activities sprinkled with lots of blue skies and stunning views.  I have probably put the kids in and out of the car a couple of hundred times ( I hate, hate sealt belts – Aaarrrhhh), done more loads of washing than I can count and settled quite a few sibling wars (you know the kind – big brother winds up little sister and then little sister screams………).  It’s also been the hottest March Sydney has had in 17 years, so I’ve sweated my way through all the above activities too.  However, I wouldn’t have it any other way and here are a few of my favourite Instagram photos to show what we’ve been up this awesome March!
Miss L and I taking a walk to the caravan park where Granny and Grandpa ‘Beer’ have been staying
Master J teaching his little sis how to stand on a surf board
So happy to be out of the pram and the carseat!! Waiting for Master J to finish school – her best time of the day
Bat Girl!   She loves playing dress ups and has started to involve her little sis by dressing her up too.
Granny ‘Beer’ having her first snuggles with her newest little granddaughter
Me at my workstation!!
A beautiful sunset.  I got to sit and watch it on the sand dune whist Master J was at a disco in the surf club
Beautiful butterfly girl.
He is getting so grown up!!
More Granny ‘Beer cuddles’
Sisters!  I love this one x
She did NOT want to share her green smoothie with ‘Bonnie’ the puppy
Mr D having his usual weekend nap on the lounge floor
First tooth to fall out!!
Absolutely loving the water
cuddles with my big girl
A rare pic of me and Mr D taken by Grandpa ‘Beer’ (one of us is usually always behing the lens)
So I’ve just realised that this is probably not a ‘quick’ update at all.  I hope you all made it the end of this post.  I promise to write much more regularly next month.  And before I forget

13 comments on “Can you believe that March is almost over??? A quick update”

  1. Such a lovely post, and wow a tooth gone already! I have to say I LOVE the Kiwi apron, must get one for myself! All the best for getting residency. Even as NZ’ers we have no rights, and one day will have to do what you are all doing!! Seems a big job just now though xx Em

  2. I can’t believe we’re in April next week!!! Love your photos. Always great to have grandparents around. All the best with the permanent residency!

  3. Ooh, it must be so exciting and nerve wracking with the permanent residency thing. They put you through some hoops, but I guess we are also grateful for that.
    Gorgeous pics 🙂
    Happy Easter to you!
    Btw – how is that Thermomix going?
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  4. Great pictures!! I can see why you never would want to leave such beautiful surrounds. How awesome that you got your permanent residency application in!! Will be a huge weight off your shoulders. My husband just became an Aussie Citizen and it feels so good to know that he will never have to worry about Visa’s or any applications to Australia ever again!! x Karen #TeamIBOT

  5. Good luck with your permanent residency application – I know exactly how stressful that can be. We are from South Africa too – have been here for just over 13 years and love it. We wouldn’t’ swop it for anywhere.
    I LOVED Granny Mouse’s Country House – it is just beautiful there !!!!
    Have a great long weekend !
    #IBOT visitor

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