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One of my Goals for 2014 is to go camping.  I say my goal, but it’s actually a family goal.  (I’m pretty sure I can hear a few of my friends back in the UK sniggering at just the mention of me plus camping!!!)

I do have a teeeney bit of a reputation for being a princess, and camping is just one of those things that has NEVER been top of my priorities.  I just don’t like the idea of crawling around on my hands and knees to get in and out of a tent (which in fairness is a temporary home) and worry about what creature might decide to join me in the sleeping bag!!  The idea of a shared bathroom – or even worse, no bathroom at all, just makes me want to wrinkle my nose up like a true snob!!

When we lived in England camping was just never on the agenda, which suited me fine.  We did actually go camping once, and in the middle of summer it was so freezing cold the Miss H and I ended up abandoning Mr D and Master J (and everyone else) and booking into a B&B.  That was only a one night trip too (and one I’ll probably never live down).

However the Aussie weather just lends itself to camping and it really seems to be a popular sport (if you can call it that).  After three years I have finally been worn down enough to actually consider giving it a go.  Funnily enough Mr and D and I both camped as kids, but both our families had caravans, which is an entirely different experience if you ask me.

We have never camped as a family before.  Oh except for that one weekend a year ago we spent at a campsite so close to home that I went back to cook, wash up, shower and sleep!!!!  Not only have we made the decision to camp this year, we have also booked a whole week (over Easter) in a camp site about 7 hours drive from home!! EEEEEEEEK!!

So this is where the Great Camping Debate sets in.  We don’t actually own any camping gear at all…..not a thing!  So between now and Easter we have to purchase EVERYTHING.  It’s kinda cool starting from scratch and Mr D says it’s ‘an investment’, but we just can’t seem to agree on what things are essential for camping!!

So this is my vision of what our campsite is going to look like

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and this is Mr D’s vision…… or something along these lines.
So will we be glamping or camping??  All I know for sure is that it’s happening and clearly we still have a lot to learn!!  At least we have been able to chuckle about our slight difference in camping styles.  I’ve even convinced him to get his own Pinterest account so he can have a camping board (and I can spy on it).
The one thing that I am very excited about is that I think I have almost convinced him to buy that beautiful teepee tent.  We went into a camping shop to have a look at it the other day, and even Mr D had to admit that it was pretty cool.  No decision has been made yet, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.  Who says camping shouldn’t be pretty???
The kids are beside themselves with excitement about our upcoming trip and I have to admit that I am a teeny bit too!!
excited much?????
This is so going to end badly!!

So are any of you experienced campers??  Especially camping with kids??  Tell me everything you know……..

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16 comments on “Camping vs Glamping”

  1. I am definitely NOT a camping person. In my head, if I am going to stay away from my home, I actually want it to be better than my home, not worse and harder work !!!
    Good luck – I hope the weather plays nicely for you because, on the GC, we have sort of got a name for having it rain most of Easter for the last I don’t know how many years.
    Have a great day !

    • Haha! That is EXACTLY how I used to be!!! I’m planning on being a lot more open minded and I have to admit that I seem to be a lot more relaxed since living in Australia – must be the sunshine!! Lets hope it stays until at least after Easter!! x

  2. You crack me up! We are going to have a great time, I am a teeny bit excited too! Will come around quickly. Let’s pray to the weather gods, because your friend above is right, it often rains at Easter and we are going to the Far South Coast! xx SSC

  3. We love camping! It’s such a great family bonding activity. We got a huge twoo room tent fairly cheaply. Means we can either have the kids in one spot and us in the other, or all in one room and the other room for storing stuff. I reckon that’s the better way to go. And a tent that opens up a lot too! You want to look at the sky and feel the breeze 🙂

    • Thats SO good to hear Jess thanks. I just know my kids are going to absolutely love it. I’m just praying it doesn’t rain!! Looking up at the stars sounds so romantic too – think I might like this camping things after all xx

  4. Fingers crossed your first true camping experience is a good one!!! The weather at Easter time is notoriously wet.. eeeeek!!!

  5. We love camping! But I think you’re slightly mad choosing Easter as your first ever experience! We’ve got an English-designed camp trailer now, but our first couple of trips was with a tent and air beds, never again! Good luck to you!

    Oh, and as for camping with kids, don’t worry about showering every day, make sure they don’t wear shoes in the tent, and a bucket of water provides hours of entertainment!

    • I don’t think my kids will need any encouragement to skip a shower or two – might just have to stick them out in the rain by the sounds of it – eeeeekkkk!! I’ve heard that air beds are no good, so I think we’ll be avoiding those. I love the sound of an English Camper – might have to check one out xx

  6. Definitely a camper but not with kids. I started last year and threw myself in the deep end by roughing it out. My first two camping trips were ones where we hiked to the campsite and had compost toilets and no showers. I’ve hiked and camped along the Six Foot Track in the mountains and Victoria Falls to Govetts Leap. I also camped in a bit more style at Jervis Bay…I’d recommend that as a good site to camp with kids. There are hot showers and you can park your car next to the camp site.

  7. I’m so excited for you – we also plan to do this, now that our youngest is getting older we are closer to planning it also! I have no tips, but remember to go somewhere with toilets/showers, esp with wee kids!!!! I shall join you soon and talking about camping – GO US xxx

    • I’ll give you a full update of all the camping lowdown after Easter Em. Hopefully we’ll manage to avert disaster!! You never know, we might even make it near you one day and I can come and visit xx

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