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Hi, I’m Robyn!  Welcome to my blog, Mrs D plus 3.  I got my nickname Mrs D or Mrs Diamonds from my surname, de Beer.  I’m often asked if I’m related to the ‘real de Beer diamond’ family, but sadly I am not!  I’ll keep the name though.

So, about me!!  I was born in sunny South African in Durban, on the Natal coast.  A really beautiful part of the world if you ever get the chance to visit.  I lived there with my parents and younger brother and sister until I was 11 years old.  Then my dad took a job secondment to London.  The move was a huge challenge for us all, but Surrey soon became our home and we loved it.  To cut a long story short, we decided to stay there and not return to live in South Africa.  We soon became British citizens and after 20 odd years living there, I really do see myself as British (with African roots of course).

I am a trained Beauty Therapist and Make-up Artist and up until early 2011 I worked at Virgin Atlantic Airways.  It was a dream job and the most amazing Company to work for.  The rumors are true – Richard Branson is awesome!  I started by working as an IFBT “Inflight Beauty Therapist” where I would give beauty treatments to first class passengers on board the aircraft.  These were some of the best years of my life.  I got to fly around the world, meeting weird, wonderful and fabulous people doing a job that I loved – but that could be a whole other story to tell!!

After I had my first baby in 2006, I decided that flying was no longer for me, so I moved into working and eventually managing Virgin’s Head Office Spa, as well as working in the spas’ in the airport first class lounges.  Another job that I truly loved.

In 2011 I handed in my notice at Virgin Atlantic (which was almost heart-breaking) as Mr D had a new fantastic job opportunity in Sydney, Australia.  So me, Mr D, Master J (then 4) and Miss H (then 18 months) packed up our lives, said goodbye to our precious family and friends and moved half way around the world to set up home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

So that brings me to how I started this blog……..  I suddenly found myself as a stay at home mummy for the first time EVER in a new country, far away from everything familiar to me.  So I started to write…….

Since writing my last blog post (the one before this) I have taken a little “time-out’ due to ummm – ‘lack of time’!!  (as lame as that sounds). However I do have an excuse –  we have had the most gorgeous new addition to our family, little Miss L.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it.

Mrs D xxx


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