Today was one of those days where the weather was just PERFECT!  Not too hot and the sky was as blue as the ocean with not a cloud to be seen.

You see what I mean……..perfect!

Being a school day I was all ready for the usual evening routine, when I got a txt from a good friend suggesting we meet for a quick BBQ at the beach with the kids.

What a fabulous idea – I wish I had thought of it!

Miss H helping dad cook the sausages!!
perfect evening for an impromptu BBQ

We live almost directly opposite this park and it takes no effort at all to just grap some sausages to throw on the BBQ and walk over for some alfresco dinning.  I don’t know why we don’t do it more often??????

Even the wind must have been perfect as all the kites were out in force this evening and they were just beautiful to watch.

Getting my fix!  I could just stare at this view for hours

I have to pinch myself on a daily basis!  I am truly grateful to be living in such a breathtaking beautiful part of the world.

Linking up with Leigh from Six By The Bay and Thankful Thursday.  Gratitude is an attitude!   What have you got to be thankful for today?

3 comments on “Alfresco Dinning”

  1. That is so beautiful!!!! Im on the same page as you, I never get tired of looking at the sea, it just makes everything better!!!! Life is so much better when you love where you live! Thanks so much for linking up xxxx

  2. Beautiful photos and what a lovely impromptu outing! You must try and do it more often. I live by the bay and sometimes take it for granted and don’t get down to the water often enough. I’m on holidays at the Sunshine Coast, Qld at the moment and am loving the beaches and views up here. xo

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