A year in review 2015 I really enjoyed writing my 2014 year review last December, so I’m doing it again this year. It’s actually quite tricky to try and remember all things that have happened over the year, but really satisfying and heart warming once you do.  It’s been a good excuse to spend the last couple of evenings scrolling though all the hundreds of photos I’ve taken over the last 12 months. Makes my heart go all puffy with pride.

So here goes……..

First memory:  As always staring the New Year with my mum and dad in Australia. They had better not break tradition and come and at any other time of the year (unless of course, it’s for a second visit).  It’s wouldn’t be Christmas without them.   Mrs D plus 3 2015 year in review - granny and grandpa

Biggest regret:  Although it doesn’t technically belong to 2015, my biggest regret would be sending Hollie to Kindergarden the year I did, and not waiting until she was 5. I didn’t actually realise my mistake until this year and luckily managed to rectify it.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing right??

Funniest thing:  This was got to be when our beautiful bell tent got absolutely FLOODED on a camping trip to Nambucca Heads.  It was a total disaster and we had to pack up camp in the torrential rain and literally throw the tent in the bin.  Looking back now, it’s actually pretty funny, but at the time there were more than a few choice words exchanged between Mr D and I.  While trawling through my photos to find one of all that water to show you, so many memories about trip came flooding back.  It was so much fun (well the first 5 days before the rain arrived anyway) that I could almost be tempted to go back.   camping in the rain

Favourite photo:  This photo makes cracks me up I see it!  This amazing elephant was giving Josh a kiss and I managed to some how catch it just at the right moment! (I made a video too if you want to watch it). Mrs D plus 3 2015 year in review - Kissed by an elephant

Proudest moment:  Too many, so just like last year I’m going to have to make a list.

  • Hollie learning to ride her bike was a BIG one.  She is definitely not a risk taker and only ever does things when she is ready (which we all call ‘Hollie time’).  It took a while, but she did it.
  • Both Josh and Hollie moved schools this year and handled it with courage and smiles (eventually).  They handled it way better than I did and I am so proud of them both.
  • My blog has grown from strength to strength this year and from it I have also managed to get a part time job doing social media from home.  I’m still able to look after the kids and work, which is exactly what I was aiming for.  Go me!
  • Little Lexi-Rose has started learning how to swim this year and her confidence and determination is awesome to watch.
  • Mr D took a big risk and has bagged the job the he’s been wanting for as long as I’ve known him and I’m so proud of him.

I could go on an on with this list (it’s a mum thing) but I’ll leave it there for now.

Best purchase:  It totally has to be our camper trailer.  After the disastrous end to our tent earlier in the year, this trailer has been awesome.  Although I am yet to actually sleep in it! Mr D and the kids have been away for several fun packed weekends in it, while I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet at home.  However, next week we’re taking it on a two and a half week road trip and I can’t really get out of that one.  Wish me luck!   Mrs D plus 3 2015 year in review

Favourite outfit:  Oh gosh I don’t know.  If I was a fashion blogger I could probably answer this question way better.  I hate having my photo taken and my day to day style is most probably just my mum uniform – casual and comfy.  Nothing much has changed from last year on this front I’m afraid.

Best month:  Without a doubt it has to be April.  We all travelled to South Africa for a month to visit family and go to my sister’s beautiful wedding.  We had the most amazing time and the kids have some incredible memories that I’m sure they’ll remember forever.  I documented our trip (Mrs D does Africa) and you can find it in the TRAVEL section of my blog.   Mrs D plus 3 2015 year in review

Biggest achievement:  Earning my own money.  It’s been a while since I had a job (other than being mum) and this year I started to earn my own income.  I’m really proud of myself and hope this is the start of great things…….. like buying our own house (well, a girl can dream right?).

Favourite Movie/TV series:  Oh can someone please help me out on the TV series from.  All suggestions welcome.  I can’t actually think of one good series we’ve watched this year.  Except maybe Masterchef, which is a bit sad.  We don’t get out to the movies that much (unless of course it’s animated) but I really did enjoy Far from the madding crowd.  I loved the book and thought the movies was ace.

Most memorable News headline:  I don’t really watch the news much, I find it too depressing.  The one thing that’s has sadly stuck in mind though, is the increase in terrorist attacks around the world.  Is it really that hard for everyone to just get along??

What made me belly laugh:  I’m sure there have been lots of funny moments this year, but what sticks in my mind the most, is the night we spent camping with 10 boys for Josh’s 9th birthday.  Listening to their conversations in the tent was hilarious.  I’m not used to the things that boys get up to so it was all a bit of an eye opener for me, however Mr D assumed that the boys were just being boys…….and what happens at camp really does stay at camp.

Biggest decision:  Again this has to be the decision I made to move the kids from one school to another mid year.  A huge decision but one I am now so happy I made.

A lesson learnt: I think I’m going to be really boring answering this.  Not one major thing pops in mind.  Lots of little things I guess……. like I’ve got waaay better at organising my life, I try not to sweat the small stuff as much as I used to and I am slowly learning to be comfortable in my own skin.

What made me cry: Oh god what doesn’t these days!!  I cry at every school achievement the kids have, looking at old family photos, movies, TV adverts, the music to the elephant video I made (above)……everything and anything!!   Mrs D plus 3 2015 year in review

Most random thing I did:  Making the news.  Even if it was just to chat about shopping at ALDI.  If you missed it you can watch it here

So there you have it.  A whirlwind tour of my 2015.  It’s been a great year.

I’d love you to join in too.  Just copy and paste the prompts below and don’t forget to tag me because I’d love to read them.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you so much for your support this year.

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First memory:

Biggest regret:

Funniest thing:

Favourite photo:

Proudest moment:

Best purchase:

Favourite outfit:

Best month:

Biggest achievement: 

Favourite Movie/TV series:

Most memorable News headline:

What made you belly laugh:

Biggest decision:

A lesson learnt: 

What made you cry: 

Most random thing you did:

6 comments on “A year in review 2015”

  1. I love your family photos. You all look gorgeous. I’m just curious at what age did you send your baby to Kindergarten that you regret it so much?

    • Thank you so much. I love them too, but I’m pretty biased of course. I send my little girl to Kindy when she was 4.5 years old and I wish I had waited that extra year until she was 5.5. Hope that helps if you’re deciding, but remember every child is different xx

  2. First memory: sitting in a middle of corn field (in a small Russian village) and crying as I was unable to make it back to the farm house because the corn was harvested and was sharp and cutting my little baby feet (I was about 2yrs old)

    Biggest regret: Saying yes to a lady to help with her twins pram (full of stuff and 2 x 3rd olds!) – and ending up in a hospital with 2 raptured discs and a hairline fracture in my spine. I’ve had a surgery and now I am in pain most days.

    Funniest thing: My baby girl Mia climbing on Andrew and I in the morning – like a cute little puppy full of energy. She really makes us all laugh!

    Favourite photo: Mia, David, Andrew and I running down a hill in Sherwood Arboretum

    Proudest moment: Graduating with a Masters in Business Administration and also giving birth to both of my children naturally.
    Best purchase: Thermomix!! It is my best buddy in the kitchen!

    Favourite outfit: White skinny jeans & my Sass & Bide tops

    Best month: They are all great!

    Biggest achievement: Being where I am today – despite a highly dysfunctional childhood. Having my own successful life & business coaching practice http://www.ellierentoul.com

    Favourite Movie/TV series: “The Killing” (Danish show), Bewitched, Medium, Last Man Standing, Operation Ouch and Horrible Histories

    Most memorable News headline: Princess Diana’s death, the 9/11 attacks and the recent Paris massacres but also the nanny who has killed 4 children in her care by cutting their throats (this has affected me deeply as a mum).
    What made you belly laugh: our two children, David and Mia and my husband doing the funny walk or cute seal noises  Also, a good British humour – John Cleese, “Monty Python” crew and the “Horrible Histories” guys – love them!!
    Biggest decision: To come to Australia in 2000 and to leave my first husband after 3 years of marriage. It was the best thing for both of us!
    A lesson learnt: Be mindful when lifting things! Stop, take a breath, observe, and then proceed mindfully!
    What made you cry: Where do I start? I cry at toilet paper commercials (the ones with puppies) and when I see injustice and pain of others who are vulnerable or marginalised.
    Most random thing you did: Moving to Australia and staying here after a wild holiday with a man I knew is TOTALLY wrong for me!

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