Meet Flat Stanley!!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine in England (who’s little boy, Master C, just so happened to be Master J’s best buddy when we used to live in England), contacted me asking for a favour.  Master C, who is also in year 1, was doing a class project that involved making ‘Flat Stanley’ and sending him off to another country where he could have some adventures and then make his way home to report back!

We were delighted to be involved and once I told Master J all about Stanley, he couldn’t wait for him to arrive, and kept checking the post every day.

Stanley’s arrived!  The big smile says it ALL!
Welcome to Australia Stanley

Stanley arrived all tucked up in an envelope with a set of instructions and we couldn’t wait to show him around.

“Dear Master J

As part of our learning we have made ourselves a flat Stanley, based on the story of a little boy that is sent on an adventure.  Master C has decided to send his flat Stanley to you!  Please look after flat Stanley and tell us about his adventures.  Maybe he could come and spend the day with you at school or work, maybe you’d like to take him with you on a special trip and send us some photographs or information about where you have been or maybe he could find out about your home!  When flat Stanley is ready to come home after his adventure, please could you put him in the enclosed envelope, add some stamps and and pop him back in the post box.  When he arrives back to us we will find out about your adventures together as a class!

Love Master C”

Flat Stanley with Class 1R

Our first stop was to take Stanley to school.  Master J’s teacher was absolutely thrilled to get involved and set aside some time for the whole class to learn about Stanley.  Master J got to do a ‘special’ news presentation to the class telling them all about Stanley and where he came from.  After looking at some pictures of Master C at school in England, the class learnt all about the differences between School in England and school in Australia.  (I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at their discussions and the kids just loved learning all about what kids their ages did at school in another country.  They then each drew a picture of something they do at school in Australia and we popped them all in an envelope ready to go back to England when Stanley has finished his adventures.

Poor Stanley brought the English weather with him – but he still had fun at the beach luckily.
We put Stanley in a bucket to stop him from getting blown away by the wind
Miss H held Stanley’s hand just in case he was scared of the seagulls.
Of course Stanley had to visit the beach before he went home.  The first day we took him to the beach just happened to be a pretty cloudy, grey day and we all had a chuckle that Stanley must have brought the chilly English weather with him.  He didn’t seem to mind though.
Stanley also learnt how to scooter and skate board and he went on the ferry to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House before we said goodbye and popped him back in the post.
Safe travels Stanley, we hope you let us know about your class in England.
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7 comments on “Welcome to Australia Stanley”

  1. That is so cool Robyn, I just wrote an article saying that Flat Stanley will be at all Gold Coast libraries over the school holidays! And kids can make a version of themselves, might have to take my daughter – GREAT pics! Emily

  2. Oh how I love Flat Stanley! I read it every year to my class. I have so many teacher friends in the USA, when I go back to work eventually I may do this, lovely!!
    Gorgeous Pics, Mez xxx

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