New kittens

It seems I may have got two new babies while Mr D has been away on a business trip………Ooops!!

So it’s an interesting story really.

I’ve desperately wanted a kitten for ages and now that we’re nice and settled I though it was the perfect time.  However Mr D wasn’t so keen, and our landlord said ‘no pets’.  On closer inspection I realised he actually said ‘no dogs’, so I thought I’d just run the cat thing by him ……..if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  I waited until Mr D jetted off to Texas and then made my move.  To my absolute delight (and surprise) he said YES and one yes is as good as two right??.   New kittens

I was just about to start my ‘cat research’ when I saw an ad on a local facebook page from a lady who said that her cleaner had some kittens that desperately needed re-homing.  It HAD to be a sign!!

I called her up and she gave me her cleaner’s phone number.  I dialled it straight away and in her broken english she told me that she had found the kittens, there was no mamma cat and if she couldn’t find ‘good people’ she was going to have to drown them.  “No No NO” I told her, I’m coming to get one!!!!!!”  I don’t think I could get away with more than one and she assured me she had some other people coming.

It was almost 3pm by now, so I dashed to the school, picked up the kids and headed off to rescue a kitten.   New kittens

We had to drive about an hour to get to her house and on the way I started panicking “What am I doing??  I have no idea where I’m going and I could end up with my head in a suitcase and my organs on ebay!!”  But those poor babies………..I couldn’t let them be drowned!!  The kids were so excited by now anyway, and surely that nice local lady wouldn’t have put me onto a lunatic!!

We arrived and I locked the kids in the car and knocked on the front door.  A Chinese lady appeared with a box and handed it to me.  “You good person” she told me “You look after cats”.  “CATS??” “I thought I was just having one??” I said, looking inside the box.  “No, you have two.  PLEASE you good person!”  I peered inside the box and these four terrified eyes stared back up at me.  How could I leave one behind??

I got back in the car and said to the kids “Your Dad is going to kill me when he gets home!!”  “Don’t worry Mummy” says Miss H, ‘We won’t let him.”   New kittens

They’ve been with us for five days now and the kids have named them Albert and Stripes.  I took them to the vet and discovered that we have two little boys who are roughly about 7 or 8 weeks old.  The vet gave them the once over, wormed them, de-flead them, vaccinated and mico-chipped them.  There is no going back now.  I also gave them a bath as they were a bit smelly when we got them.  Now they are nice and fluffy and smell like flowers.

The only teeny tiny problem was that Mr D still had no idea.  I knew exactly what he’d say though, so I had my argument prepared.

Mr D:  The landlord says No pets!

Me:  Well actually he said no dogs.  I asked him about a cat and he said yes! (bats eyelids a little)

Mr D:  Who’s going to look after them when we’re away?

Me:  I already spoke to the neighbour and she said she would be more than happy to come and feed them. (Cheshire cat grin)

Mr D:  What if they catch a mouse or a frog or a bird??  Are you going to call me home from work to deal with it???

Me:  Mmmmmm no.  Master J is really good at that kind of thing.  He says he’ll get rid of them.  Besides they also catch spiders and lizards which is very useful don’t you think?? (more eye batting)

Mr D:  Who’s going to pay the vet bills??

Me:  Don’t worry it’s all coming out of my budget.  I have it sorted, you won’t even notice.

I sent him the cutest little photo this morning (7 days since he left) as I knew he was missing us so couldn’t possibly get mad. New kittens 7 Guess what – it worked!!!!!!! Well, I think so anyway.  He didn’t yell and he said “Whatever makes you happy”.

Hurry home and see our new babies Mr D.  We are all smitten.

Do you have kittens?? Any advice on the best ways to look after them?

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38 comments on “We have two new editions to the family”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! They look like they were meant to be part of your family. They say pets choose us, or perhaps, a lady with poor English helped the pets find you! Good luck with kitten rearing 🙂

  2. How cute are your kittens!?! Don’t worry…your hubby will, no doubt, be caught snuggling up on the couch with them both before long. You will also never be able to use the computer ever again without a cat bum in your face!

    • Thanks Sammie, I am loving them – they are just SO cute. But I guess you do have a be a cat person though xx

    • Really???? I did not know that!! But now that I think about it, all ginger cats I’ve even know have been boys – how funny!! x

    • ah yes ragdolls are just such pretty cats. Are they as cuddly as their name suggests?? These two are just starting to get a bit braver now and tumbling around the house – so cute! x

  3. I love my babies. My first two cats my brother and I rescued from a family in our estate when I was 15. Their cat had got pregnant again and had another litter and they were going to dump them if nobody took them because it was her fourth litter (and they weren’t a nice family). My brother and I went over and were going to get one but ended up taking 2. We didn’t ask mum and we knew she didn’t want cats so our plan was to hide them in my room for a week and by the time she found them we would’ve proven we could keep them alive ourselves so she had no argument to say no. We made them a little home under my desk in my room and we got some tuna and kitten milk. After about three days though we wanted to bring them out so one morning we just woke mum up by putting two kittens in her bed. She was probably a bit pissed but she loved them. Sam is still alive and lives with her and hes 15 years old now.

    • That is the coolest story ever Toni. How gorgeous – I can so see myself having done that too if they opportunity arose. Our beloved family cat passed away last year after 18 years and my poor Dad was devastated. They really do become part of the family don’t they? x

    • Thanks Vicki, I have so fallen head of heel for them. What a shame your husband has developed an allergy!!! :((

  4. They are just adorable. I had my cat before my hubby, so he knew what he was getting before when moved out together. Unfortunately he passed away 2yrs ago and I’m still not over it he was 14. Hubbies actually allergic & I knew once he was gone it would be my last cat… That’s ok though I’ll live vicariously throu your adorable pictures so lovely. I still have 2 poodles I love to death… But there’s just something about cats that melts my heart.
    1st thing I’d suggest is get a really good scratching post if you want to save your furniture, blinds and curtains it’s a wise investment. Oh & if they are not inside cats, set a curfew to lock them in at night, save wildlife and neighbourhood disputes etc… Good luck and cuddle them for me . x

    • Thanks for that advice Kim. I told my hubby what you said last night and I think we’re going to keep them indoors at night. I’m going to have to train them well though as I don’t fancy wandering the neighbourhood at night trying to get them in, hahaha x

  5. As the owner of as big fat ginger cat a word of advice is they are not the cleverest of cats and climbing fences is just a cat skill too far for our gingey. They also are huge, gingey (he did have a proper name but we lost that quickly) is nearly 6kg!

    • It was good thing there were only two – I could have ended up with the whole litter! That would really have sent hubby over the edge, lol x

    • They’re just littler moggies than yours. Yours are gorgeous too and I did think of you when I drove to get mine. We’re a right pair of softies xx

  6. He’s never going to be able to resist those cute kitties.

    I have two cats and regularly foster kittens after they have been weaned before re-homing them.

    All they need is food, water and plenty of love and it’s clear these two aren’t going to go short of that.


    • How on earth do you say goodbye??? We’ve only had our just over a week and there is no way I could give them up. You’ve very lovely for looking after them tough xx

  7. Tap the can with a spoon when u feed them at night they get to know that is there feed time & u get them in with the tin trick also get pet insurance a cat getting hurt can be a big bill at vets this way your covered

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