vanish gold oxi review

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I’ve said for years that I really should buy shares in Vanish based on the amount I use it (that and sunscreen).  So when I was asked if I could road test the Vanish Gold Oxi Action products, I didn’t really even need to be sent any samples because I had so much in my laundry already.  Now that’s saying something!!

I’m one of those mums that does at least one load of washing every single day!  Maybe it’s having three kids or maybe it’s just Mr D, but I seem to have a permanent washing pile.  It’s like a rainbow, impossible to find the end.

Thank heavens for two things:  Aussie sunshine and Vanish Oxi-Action.  Without either of them I think I would be a lot more frazzled.  If only something could do the folding and putting away part too, then I’d be sorted.

Here are some tips of how I use vanish in my routine

  1.  Just chuck it in the wash.  Quick,easy and really effective.  I have a top loader and just add 60g straight into the machine.  If you have a front loader, add 30g to your detergent draw and away you go.  I even get amazing results on stains in a cold wash.
  2. Soak.  For really tough stains, I add about 30g to a big bucket (approx 7 litres) of warm water and just leave the item to soak.  If you’re soaking colours leave it in for no more than 2 hours and if it’s white, I’d leave it in a little longer.
  3. Make a paste.  Sometimes I mix a little of the vanish powder with some water to make a paste (kinda like toothpaste) and then a rub it into the stain before chucking the item into a normal wash.  This works really well if you do it immediately after the spillage.
  4. Follow instructions.  Just to be safe, always read the instructions on the item of clothing you are washing before treating it.
vanish gold oxi review
vanish gold oxi review
End of season presentation wearing the SAME shirt. Thanks Vanish Gold


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25 comments on “Vanish Gold Oxi Action. A hands-on mum review (with a giveaway)”

  1. I start a load of washing at night then, 10 minutes in, press pause on the machine and let it soak, then finish the wash in the morning.

    • I’ve tried this vanish oxi action
      I had a white pullover,which had run a little with a blue item also it had stains on the sleeve that looked like coffee stains
      First I soaked my item in about 6ltrs of warm water with 30 g of powder for about 4 hours ,nothing happening,
      Then I decided to make a paste and rub it on the stains
      Then I washed the garment on a 30 degree wash
      When the item came out of the washing machine there was no change
      Don’t understand how a company can sell an item that obviously does not do what it says on the packaging
      Really really disappointed in this product and it was not cheap to buy 🙄

  2. When it comes to my kids clothes in particularly my 4 year old son, I add vanish gold oxi action to every wash. It’s gentle enough for their sensitive but packs a great punch on all those grubby clothes. I really can’t live without it!

  3. When it comes to my kids clothes in particularly my 4 year old son, I add vanish gold oxi action to every wash. It’s gentle enough for their sensitive skin but packs a great punch on all those grubby clothes. I really can’t live without it!

  4. My 9 and 5 year olds school clothes are always super dirty one likes to bring the sand pit home in his shoes, pockets and all over his shirt while the other one I’m not sure how she gets dirty but she goes to school with a pink and white dress and comes home with it pink and brown as soon as they walk in the door it’s straight to the laundry and into the washing machine with some vanish gold oxi action and come out clean for another day of sand pit FUN.

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

    • Ah school uniforms are the worst aren’t they. Ours used to be a pale lemon colour!! I often wonder if the designers of these items ever thought about us poor parents trying to keep them clean? Xx

  5. I always have a bucket in the laundry sink and I make sure the older kids know where the Vanish is and how much to use in the bucket!

    • Great idea, although I’m not sure I could get mine to actually use it. Maybe when they’re a little older x

  6. I make a paste with the Vanish Oxi and a small amount of water, then I apply that to the really tough stains and allow it to sit for a while. I then wash as usual, and the stains disappear.

  7. Sorry no tips here, I actually need all the help I can get! We have a “water saving” washing machine, which is jargon for “doesn’t clean”!. Clothes often come out dirtier than they went in, here’s hoping a little Vanish might save my sanity!

    • Oh no! I think that would drive me crazy, lol. Try soaking in a bucket of warm water with some vanish first (colours and whites) and then chuck it in the machine. Hopefully you’ll notice a big difference xx

  8. I hear you! With 4 little ones, we do around two loads a day & I can never get on top of the clean pile lol! Would love to give Vanish a try!

  9. Wow! The before and after photo is fantastic! I never thought of making a paste before rubbing it into the stain. Will definitely have to try that! Thanks for the tip, Robyn x

  10. What an amazing before and after photo! With two boys, I know there is going to be a lot of sports clothes in my future in the next few years! I also pop some Vanish in with each wash and if the stain is quite bad I’ll make some paste and leave it to soak in overnight before washing the next day.

    • Boys are pretty bad when it comes to mess, lol. Although I have to say my girls can give them a pretty good run for their money too. xxx

  11. I’ve never used Vanish before but I think I need to after seeing those photos. We have a mastiff so literally everything ends up covered in slobbery dirt!

    • I can imagine! We had a mastiff when I was growing up too, he was called Sparky because he wasn’t the brightest dog in the litter, lol. Good luck xx

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