My kids LOVE the ipad’s in our house.  I do have to limit their use on them though, as they could quite easily become ‘sucked in’ and absorbed for hours if I’m not careful.  (It’s a bit like logging onto Pinterest).   I also have to very carefully monitor the internet now too as Master J has discovered Youtube!  He is very good about coming and telling me what he is watching but I have to admit I sneakily turn the wifi off every now and again when I can’t monitor it (at least he’s young enough not to have figured that out yet).

On the flip side it is pretty damn amazing how well they are able to use these devices.  Even my 20 month year old Miss L is a dab hand at the ipad and knows EXACTLY where her games are and how to get to them.  Her chubby little fingers are always tapping and swiping away.  Some of the games available are really fantastic and can open up a whole world of learning for kids of all ages.

Here are my Top toddler and kids ipad Apps.


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This the cutest game where kids can create their own little bugs.  They can choose a body shape and colour it in.  It then ‘hatches’ into a colourful little creature for them to feed, tickle and wash. It’s a fantastic App for creativity, and is perfect for toddlers as well as younger kids.  Both my girls love it.  Sago mini also has a whole range of great Apps to check out including:
Ocean Swimmer

This cheeky little fish will get loads of smiles and giggles from your little ones, as well as teach them to navigate an ipad/tablet using their fingers.  You have to move the little fish around an underwater world with your finger, encountering all sorts of surprises along the way.


Peekaboo Toy Box

This is a great game for toddlers with lots of brightly coloured gifts that shake and rattle around the screen until you tap them.  Then they pop open with a surprise!!!!  Guaranteed to keep your toddler happy for ages.


Nursery Rhymes

If your toddler loves singing nursery rhymes but you (like me) are a bit hopeless at remembering all the words, then this App is perfect!  These brightly coloured animations are interactive so kids can tap on different characters to see them move around.  The song lyrics also appear on the screen as each word is sung, so you’ll be able to join in with them – and believe me, they love it!! Unfortunately not all the nursery rhymes are free and there are a few ‘in-app’ purchases available.


Disney Storytime


This is kind of like a Kindle App but for kids, and it really is fantastic (if you have Disney lovers of course).  The App comes with three free books and the rest are available as ‘in-app’ purchases. It used a child friendly credit system too, where the kids can download stories with coins that you have previously paid for (as apposed to running up your phone bill).  It is probably more suited to ages 4 and upwards.  The stories are fabulous and can either be read by your child or they can opt to have them read aloud.  You can also record your own voice for certain characters, which my Miss H loves.

What Apps do your kids love?

Oh and a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

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6 comments on “Top toddler and kids ipad Apps”

  1. It’s scary how quickly they do learn to use the tech though! Thanks for sharing this, my three year old loves my iphone and I have no problem at all with her playing with quality content, only thing is now she thinks the phone is hers d’oh!

  2. The twinions love the Toca Boca series. They’re so innovative and imaginative.
    We go through stages with the iPad. Yesterday was the first time they picked them up in about 3 months. But they were our life savers during our holiday.

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