On Sunday we decided to pack a picnic lunch and catch the ferry to Patonga for a family day out.  The weather man had given Sydney the most spectacular dose of warm sunshine and blue skies with not even a breath of wind in the air.  It was a day not to be wasted and absolutely perfect for the ferry!  (I have a tendency to morph into Shrek whenever there is even the tiniest little ‘rock’ on a boat, and then I  start huffing and puffing to try and get rid of that overwhelming feeling of nausea.  It’s not very glamorous!).

We set off to the bus stop to catch the bus to Palm Beach where the ferry to Patonga was departing at 11am sharp!  I can’t quite believe we all got out the house on time.  Granny and Grandpa got to the bus stop first and sat patiently waiting for us cross the road (after we had to go back to the house twice to fetch an absolutely essential teck deck skateboard that Master J couldn’t go without, and then again to fetch Miss H’s pink spotty sunnies (because no other pair would do – of course!).  Poor Grandpa was getting a bit antsy that we were going to miss the bus!!  I think he has forgotten that trying to get three kids (well actually 4) anywhere is like trying to round up cats!

We eventually arrived at the ferry port half and hour early (would you believe) and the kids all scrambled up the stairs to get the best seat at the top of the little boat.  I took one look at the size of this rickety little ferry and thanked god once again for no wind!!

Waiting to get on the ferry!  Not quite sure who thinks they’re cooler, Mr D or the boys??
So awesome having my mum and dad to stay

We arrived in Patonga and it was just like stepping onto a little piece of paradise.  The beach was just so pretty and there was really nothing much around exempt  a pub and a little fish and chip shop and non stop BEAUTIFUL views.  After finding a sandy spot to set up camp, I realised that we had absolutely NO agenda.  I am so used to rushing from one thing to the next and working to a fairly tight routine that I suddenly wondered how we were going to get through the next few hours – what was the plan??  I needed a plan!!

The boys had run off and were building some kind of construction in the sand, grandpa had found himself a nice spot on the beach and was reading his Kindle (Bear Grylls), Granny was playing with Miss L and I could hear Miss H giggling as Mr D pushed her higher and higher on swings.  I  realised that I had forgotten how to relax and that it was actually only me that needed a plan.

Now this is how to relax on a Sunday

So I kicked off my thongs and took myself off for a walk along the beach and I started to realised that sometimes I really need to let go and just ‘go with the flow’.  I keep telling Mr D how important it is for him to switch off his ‘work brain’ when he’s home with the family and actually I should do the same!  It’s so easy to forget that being a full time mum and ‘running the house’ is a job too and that I get just as absorbed in my ‘job’ as Mr D does in his!!

A rare family shot!  Although this one just makes me realise that I need to take my dieting a LOT more seriously!!!!

It really did me the world of good to just sit back and take in my surrounds.  I got to have a lovely long chat with my mum about my passions and about writing and blogging and where I see myself in five years – as me and not just as ‘mummy’.  It was real food for thought and there is nothing better than talking these things out with your mum.

I also learnt a lot about fossils and sea creatures that I didn’t already know (wink wink) from Master J and his little buddy.  Even at six they are an amazing wealth of information and highly entertaining.  I also watched my two girls splashing in the water together and watching that beautiful nurturing instinct that Miss H has for her baby sister made my heart swell.  Those little things are just too easy to miss when you are so focused on getting through the days routines!

Tomorrow is back to school for us and with that comes routine and the general busy busy of what come salone with it (packing lunches, homework, rugby, ballet, swimming etc etc).  But this term I am going to do my best to make sure that at least 1 day of the weekend I am off duty!  Obviously not as mummy, but off the ‘job’ part of being a stay at home mummy too just ‘hang out’ with my family.

Do you find it hard to switch off?  How often are you ‘off duty”?

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20 comments on “The importance of being ‘off duty’”

  1. Looks like a totally wonderfully day. It is always so good to get out and about isn’t it? The family photo was beautiful, don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses as part of #teamIBOT

    • It really is Rhianna – I always think I have better ‘stuff’ that I need to get done at home, but when I actually get out I realise how MUCH better it is. Thanks for the wishes xx

  2. Looks like such a relaxing place! It’s crazy when you realize that you really need to consciously decide when to switch off. I know I don’t do it enough, but we all need to because its so refreshing. Glad got to have a nice break!

  3. I find it impossible to switch off – so glad you had this amazing day together – the place looks perfect and I adore the photos. I think I am going to try and “switch off” on Sunday’s – other wise this fast moving train – might just end up a wreck!

  4. Oh I am desperate for some off duty time! Usually at home I am off duty when we visit my parents, but being overseas means its just me and him ALL DAY LONG. EVERY DAY. It’s been two months, and I definitely need a holiday! I don’t think my husband understands why I want to go home so badly!

    • It’s really hard for us mum, especially with family so far away. My parents live in England and I desperately miss having them ‘just around the corner’! Do you live in Australia?? How long have you been overseas from family? We moved here just over two years ago and it’s really tough settling into a new country. xxx

  5. It’s just so easy to get tangled up in housework (especially the massive piles of washing). I really have to stop and make myself overlook it sometimes – and it’s much easier said than done xxx

  6. You are hilarious Robyn. I love it. We are so similar and I think I had the exact same experience last Sunday as well. How funny… We have to teach ourselves the art of stopping. The life of a mummy I suppose.

    • Amanda we have got to arrange an ‘art of stopping’ monthly catch up! Perhaps it could involve no kids, shopping and some bubbles????? What do you think??? xxx

  7. I gotta say D I’m only ever off duty when I don’t have my three cherubs in a 5 km radius! And that is why I had a ball when the Husband and I had a night away just been. You are not alone in this! Em x

  8. It’s amazing how relaxing it is when you just stop for five minutes isn’t it?
    As or dieting, if that pic is anything to go buy, you really don’t need to bother

  9. Sounds like just what you needed (and probably just about every Mom on the planet !!!) It’s lovely when you can do that. Thankfully my daughter is older so I get quite a bit of me/off duty time.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  10. Thanks! It’s one of those catch 22’s!! Can’t wait for them to grow up so I can get some me time but then I never want them to grow up because it all goes too quickly!! xx

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