If you’re a regular Mrs D reader you’ll know that I really hate mess (especially painting and messy craft)!!  I don’t cope well with it at all, so these two little cuties really tested my abilities to just ‘go with the flow’ on Sunday.  I was busy doing some housework (as I do on a Sunday) when Mr D set them up with some painting out in the garden before heading out with Master J for a bike ride.

They were only left for a few minutes……but it was enough!!!!!  Oh My Goodness, you should have seen the mess!!!!!!  I literally froze with panic at the kitchen door when I first saw them, but the smiles and that beautiful sound of little giggles forced me to just sit down on the doorstep and watch.

They had a ball!!

How you you cope with mess??




17 comments on “Painting and Messy Craft for under fives”

  1. Oh my gosh! What a mess! I hope the paint came out of the clothes. At least the kids can be just thrown in the bath. Good on you for letting them go, and you also got a moment to smile at them being as happy as larry 🙂

  2. He he… oh look at that beautiful green little face. They would have loved the freedom to be messy! It looks so much fun just looking at them.

    • It’s the concentrations!! Its pretty cute how little kids love to experiments with things and just get stuck in! I wish I could do that just as easily x

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