Yes, you know the ones  – where everything goes wrong and the universe it just totally against you!!  Well that was my day yesterday.  By that dreaded time of day (the tea, bath, bed time) my usual ‘organised’ chaos was just plain CHAOS!!!

It all went seriously down hill at bath time.  Master J and Miss H were fighting over something in the bath and it was starting to do my head in!!  I can’t even remember what it was about as I stopped listening to the constant shrill of “He said, she said, he started it, she started it….”  The only reason I was still in the bathroom was because Miss L still needs to be supervised in the water, otherwise I would have been well outta there!!

After not very long I’d had enough so I bundled Miss L into a nice warm towel and took her on to my bed to get her into her pj’s.  I was just strapping up her nappy when I heard this awful scream (the one where you drop everything and run) and the next second Miss H was running into the room yelling “There’s blood!!!  Lots of blood!  Master J is bleeding mummy!! COME QUICK”  I ran into the bathroom and sure enough, there was blood everywhere.  Master J actually seemed ok.  “It’s just a nose bleed, mummy” he said, “but a really bad one!”  What happened I asked (taking lots of deep breaths!  If you didn’t already know, I am NOT good with blood).  Miss H, threw a monster truck at me and it hit me in the nose”.  “For god’s sake” I thought!!!

He was now dripping blood all over the bathroom, so I told him to get back into the bath and put his head between his knees (I think that was the right thing???? Must re-new my first aid training!!!).  I was just about to get him another flannel (yes, there really was that much blood) when there was a huge THUD! followed by another blood curdling scream!  SHIT SHIT SHIT I totally forgot that I had left Miss L on my bed and clearly she had just fallen off!  I dashed back into my bedroom and scooped her up, rocking her furiously trying to calm her down.  Miss H was now skipping up and down the landing (still naked) shouting “Mummy said a rude word, mummy said a rude word!!”

Whilst trying to get Miss L to calm down, I remembered that I had told Master J to get back in the bath.  Oh god, what if he’s fainted – IN THE WATER (something I would probably do – and was not far off it)!!  What a stupid thing to tell him!!  My stress levels now sky high, I ran back into the bathroom.  “You OK honey”, I asked him.  “Yes, mummy I just need some more tissues’ (Yep – still bleeding).  I started wondering if this was normal and should I be calling a doctor when the fire alarm went off!!!  I KID. YOU. NOT!  It was so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself think!!!!

Why the hell was it going off????  I was sure that I didn’t have anything on that could have caught fire?  Now Master J is yelling “FIRE FIRE!  We need to get outside NOW mum!” (bearing in mind it’s pouring with rain outside and I’m the only one with clothes on right now).

I ran downstairs, half expecting there to genuinely be a fire but there was nothing!  Thank GOD!!  I checked everywhere but it was all ok.  Phew – I’ve made so many silly mistakes under pressure before that I didn’t trust myself that I hadn’t actually left anything on in the kitchen.

With the alarm still screaming, my head pounding, my heart racing, a baby crying, Master J shouting “Fire Fire!” and Miss H – well who knows what she was saying………. I thought I was going to crack!!!!

After balancing on a chair, ripping the alarm off the ceiling with the end of a mop, and pulling the batteries out I finally had silence!!

Have you ever had one of those parenting moments where you feel like you’ve totally lost control of the situation?? Please say yes!!

(Sorry there are no photos on this post – it was one of those rare times when the camera was the last thing on my mind!!)

Oh and today is FRIDAY!  Yippeee and I’m smiling again.  Happy weekend everyone x

20 comments on “One of THOSE days!”

  1. Oh don’t you worry I’ve had a few too! It actually makes me laugh when I read your post because I can relate to it in my own way. It sure would be tough with 3 cuties. I do my head in with only two!
    All I can say is we are all battling the same thing cause its Real! parenting is real and full of times when you just wanna scream!

    • Absolutely – some days it really is a case of ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!” So nice to hear we’re all in the same boat at the end of the day!! (well, similar boat anyway) xx

  2. I know those days alltoo well!! I love to sit back and see the funny side afterwards!! Hope today is not one of thse days!!

  3. My oh my, that is a doozy of a day! I know at the time it is far from your thoughts, but the silver lining is it makes for good blogging material 🙂 Hope everyone recovered and its far more smooth sailing today x

  4. I bet it all happened in 10 minutes too. You poor thing. Well I hope everyone is ok and recovered today and you put them to bed with a large drink! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Things always happen in threes!!!! Luckily the weekend has been lovely and chilled. Although I’ve baked three birthday cakes, so I really don’t want to be the kitchen again for a whe, lol. Xxxx

  5. I had to LOL hun, sounds like most of my days/nights!
    Just when I though we had got through a Fug All Friday, I accidentally closed my baby’s finger in cupboard door, then he fell off bed, walked in to wall and my middle hit his head on the corner table!
    What you wrote describes my EVERY DAY life!
    Thanks for this, makes me feel much better.
    I know your babies are fine, as are mine, deems the breaks
    Em xx

    • Oh Em you are so right – they are absolutely fine!! How’s the finger?? I’ve done that before too. I shut Miss H’s finger in the door and then wondered why the door wasn’t closing properly, so I opened it and shut it AGAIN! Only then did the scream arrive!! Oops!! Needless to say the finger survived and I don’t even think she remembers the incident. If in doubt drink champagne is my moto!! Xxx

  6. Oh that is a bad day!!!! I hate how everything all happens at the same time!
    Maybe it was a bug or something that crawled across the sensor in the alarm? We have that from time to time

  7. Really?? I am not good with bugs – I think I might have had a near heart attack if I’d pulled it down and there was a big spider or something underneath, lol!!

  8. Oh dear lord. What a day. I had to giggle at your description of prising the alarm off the ceiling with the end of a mop. Totally something I would do. Sounds like you all survived in one piece though, sure mummy needed a nice big glass of something that night! Oh gosh, I’m sure I’ve lost control of the situation so many times but one that springs to mind is when Ollie had his first ever ‘bad’ fever and was hysterical all the way home from the doctor, the whole time in the chemist and all the way up the stairs home. I stripped him down to put him in the bath and he ended up making himself sick with tears. I hopped in with him, to no avail, so we both ended up on my bed, him sobbing, me on the verge of tears as I couldn’t calm him down, both completely starkers.. Talk about no idea what i’m doing! Got it sorted in the end but have since thought what a sight we would have made should anyone have come in!

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