I know I’m cute – just look at my curls

Miss L is well and truly into the swing of being one!!  (In fact I think she might be knocking on the door of toddlerdom already).  I have so enjoyed almost all the stages of my kids growing up so far (minus a few tantrums here and there), but after three rounds I think ‘1’ is my favourite!!

She is really starting to develop her full personality now and it’s so cute to watch her delightfully discover the world around her.  However it is a bit like living in a war zone for the rest of us.  We have to be on guard at all times as she toddles around completely oblivious to the wake of destruction she leaves behind her.


She has a full language of her own and babbles away non stop all day long!!  Most of the time I know what she is trying to say, but some times she will stop, stare at me and let out this looooooong story of absolute gobbledy-gook with such intent that I really do wish I had a translator.  She has very quickly learnt that shaking her head (until it almost spins off) from left to right means ‘NO’ and she absolutely knows what “NO” means!  Unfortunately it’s still very one sided.  If tell her “NO, don’t throw mummy’s make-up in the toilet – NO, NO, NO!!” she’ll look at me with the cheekiest smile and throw it in anyway (and yes, she has done it several times now!!). Yet, if I try to give her some veggies to eat for dinner…..  her head instantly shakes from left to right and she says “NO!”

The other day she was pushing her pram along the pavement and she got it stuck on a big patch of daisies on the side of the path.  She tried to move the pram, but it was still stuck!  She tried again and again and after the third time, she let go of the pram, walked around to the flowers and gave them a good swipe with her hand, shouting “NO!” and then proceeded (with a final shove) to push the pram past them!  It did make me laugh – but clearing she is winning on the “NO’ thing!!

She has know also decided that she is far too grown up for a high chair and at dinner time she INSISTS on sitting up at the big table with her big brother and sister.  Either she just wants to do exactly what they do (for fear of missing out) or it’s just much more fun to throw food from a greater height!!

Sadly the high chair has now gone!

There is no doubt at all that she is hard work at the moment, but after three kids I’ve totally come to realise that at only ‘1’ she is just discovering her world and nothing is done with intent (ok, well most things).  I can’t tell her off for doing something naughty as in her little world, she is just figuring stuff out, so the best thing to do is laugh!!  And LAUGH I do – every day!!!

You know mum it doesn’t matter how many times you put that hat on my head or how tight you tie it under my chin, I’ll still get it off!
How much fun is it to the chase the ‘quack quacks’?

Just look at the size of that ice-cream!!  There is no way I would have bought one that size for Master J when he was just 1, but do you think I have any chance of getting away with giving her anything smaller when that’s what her brother and sister have???  Not for a second!!!!!

Breakfast with mummy

I have two days a week that used to be my ‘days off’ when she was a baby (as the bigger two are at school/pre-school) but now I can’t get away with doing much for myself anymore as she needs to be active ALL THE TIME!!  I love how she wonders around the house all day just picking things up, moving them, putting them down somewhere else, unpacking cupboards and generally just being ‘busy’.  I’m trying my best to soak it all up as I know it won’t last forever!

This is the hour that I run around like a mad person trying to squeeze in as much as possible before she wakes up!!
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.  She just HAS to be involved in everything
Scruffy little fairy

So really being ONE rocks!!  What is your favourite age??

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11 comments on “Oh hey, I’m just being 1”

  1. What an absolute cutie!! And I love her clothes, too.

    My daughter is now nearly 4, and her older sister nearly 14. Neither of them are my favourite age, but its always interesting and generally great value.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the toilet roll pic!!! I think every age is great, though probably from one onwards is the best as you see more of their personality and the communication improves. My daughter is currently 3 and it is great. You can see her imagination kicking in. Such a lovely time.

    • It’s just soooo cute to watch when their imagination starts. My four year old has real conversations with her dolls and I could hide (have to otherwise she stops) and listen to her for ages!! x

  3. She is gorgeous! I love the toilet paper pic!! I think every age is special but probably I like from one onwards as their personalities start to emerge. My daughter is 3 and I love watching her imagination blossom. Such a lovely time.

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