I’ve set myself a little project to capture my three kids together every month of this year.  I’ve also decided to start using their real names too, as quite frankly I’m sure everyone knows them anyway.  Besides it’ll be a lot easier to type too!!

We’re not quite at the end of January yet (thank god I hear you breathe), but I already know exactly which photos I want to use for this months portraits.   My three is January This photo was taken the day after my mum and dad arrived in Sydney earlier this month and it just makes me heart swell every time I look at it.  Even though we only see my parents once a year, the bond they have with my kids is just amazing and so special.

Here are a few of my favourites.   My three in 2015 - 2 My three in 2015 - 1 My three in 2015 - 3 My three in 2015 - 4 My three in 2015 - 5 My three in 2015 - 6 Luckily for us we won’t have to wait a whole year to see them again, as we’ll be seeing them in April this year for my little sister’s wedding……..in CAPE TOWN!!! (que happy dance).

Do have a photograph from this month that makes you super happy??

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5 comments on “My three in 2015: JANUARY with Granny and Grandpa”

  1. Don’t worry Mrs D, my family live in Australia and I only see them about once a year. I haven’t seen my sister since January 2014….can’t believe it…and she lives in NSW. Love your photos of your gorgeous family.

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