I had the most loveliest of Mothers Days yesterday.  In fact, I think I heart just grew a little bit bigger.

Last week I helped out at the school Mothers Day stall, so I kinda knew what I was in for in the gift department.  I had to cover my eyes so many times while they chose their perfect gift for me to make sure that I wasn’t ‘cheating’.  They both chose gifts (the obligatory mum mug and choccies) that I probably would never have chosen for myself, BUT the look on their little faces as they handed over their money was something I will always treasure.  They were both bursting with excitement and total pride that they had picked out a gift for me, all by themselves.  I couldn’t have loved them any more in that moment.

On Sunday morning they were even more excited to give me their gifts (which they had both managed to keep hidden) and of course I acted TOTALLY surprised and told me they were PERFECT!!  I was also showered with the most beautiful and thoughtful homemade cards and origami flowers.  I know its a cliche but I really felt like the luckiest mum in the world.

We spent a very chilled day together by having ice-cream cones BEFORE heading to our favourite surf club cafe for bacon and egg burgers on the beach.  The kids picked me all the beach flowers they could find (sorry Mother Nature) and put on a ‘dance and trick’ show for me to watch. Master J has an incredible flair for acrobatics, but sometimes it really does give me the heebie jeebies!

Later that afternoon Mr D took the kids out to burn off some energy and I went home and watched catch up TV on the sofa.

According to Master J, Mothers Day is the best day EVER because “We get to have ice-cream before breakfast and then dad takes us out somewhere cool so that mum can be alone!!”  Love it.

This is my Mothers Day 2014.

My precious 3.  (although Miss L managed to swipe my ice-cream)
I think my face says it all!!
aaaaaand relax……..

Did you have a wonderful Mother’s Day?

7 comments on “Spoilt rotten on Mothers Day”

    • HA! You are so right – that takes some beating!!! He such a dare devil. I just need to find somewhere or someone to nurture his talent before he does some damage!!

  1. Where is this? Those crates look so relaxing! What a gorgeous day out – so glad it was lovely. And he’s quite the jumper! I spent the morning cleaning while the kids were at the park, it was great! Then I drank lots of wine with another fab mum mate of mine, BLISS! xx

    • Surprising comfy Em! It’s just at our local surf club. I love it there because my kids are not great in restaurants – they think it’s just torture to have to sit still at a table for fun!! Here they can run around and play while we enjoy our meal.

  2. Your sentence “I couldn’t have loved them any more in that moment.” Made me smile. So gorgeous their precious innocence. That is a great shot of your son doing a backflip, the clouds the action and of course your face. Sounds like a lovely simple but perfect day.

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