Josh turns 8 We’ve been counting down the days until we got to today since forever!  I’m sure we started n the 100’s but at looooooong last, my gorgeous boy has turned 8.

Birthdays are such a huge deal when you’re a kid and all you want to do is get to the next one, literally the second they end. The excitement, the anticipations, the attention, the presents, the cake, the celebrations……..they are all epic and this one is no exception.

Josh turns 8 ice-cream sandwhich

Eight years old means your half way through primary school, you’re almost a tween (gulp) and catching up in height with me faster than I’d like to admit.

Your cheeky smile, your insatiable appetite to learn about the world (and everything other than homework), your daredevil nature and soft heart make me so excited to see what’s in store now that you’re 8.  EIGHT!  I’m so proud of the great kid you’ve become, and especially how much for look out for your two sisters.  I know you hate to admit it (especially in public) but I can see every day just how much you love them and that always makes me happy.

josh turns 8 double scoop

Today was a pretty quiet day as birthdays go.  You went to school, then swimming lessons and then we all went to the beach for fish and chips and a double scoop ice-cream.  On Saturday I’m taking you and 12 of your mates to the water park to celebrate (god help me).

The happiest of birthdays my big (little) dude.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without you.  Love you always.

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