LG Smartwasher top loader washing machine review

This post is sponsored by LG.  I was not paid to write this review however I was gifted the LG smart washer top loader washing machine.  All opinions are my own.

Now that the official part is said, lets kick start this review.  Firstly can I just tell you how stupendously excited I was when this gorgeous new washing machine arrived!!  The installation was done on delivery, which I wasn’t expecting, so I got to do my first load of washing within half an hour of it arriving.  I was very impressed (and grateful that I didn’t have to attempt to install it myself, or wait for Mr D to do it either).  My first impression was that it looked very sleek and smart with it’s stainless steel look and glass lid.  I knew I was going to love it.


1.  It’s so quiet.  I hardly even know it’s on, which is totally different from my old washing machine.  I never used to be able to wash at night because not only did the noise wake the kids up, but once the spin started we couldn’t hear the TV either.

2.  It’s so big.  With a massive 9.5kg drum I can literally fit everything in it, including our super king size duvet.  It’s even got a special duvet and pillow wash setting which is pretty damn cool (especially with the occasional little bed wetter in our house).  I used to do a load of washing every single day and now I’m only washing every second day.  It takes double the load my old machine did and loading it is much kinder to my back too.  Having never used a top loader before, I love it.  It’s the PERECT size for a big family like mine, I don’t think I could ever go smaller again.

3.  All those buttons.  There is pretty much every setting you could possibly think of on this machine – from allergy, to wool and even sports.   What’s even cooler is that each setting is individually adjustable and you can set up your own favourites.  It also has an inbuilt thingy that weighs the load as you’re adding it, so that it knows exactly how much water to add according to the size of your load.

4.  It’s a smarty pants.  Yes it really is the cleverest washing machine I’ve ever used.  It has this thing called ‘smart diagnosis’ which is so cool.  This bit even impressed my husband (who knows nothing about washing or washing machines).  There is an app that you have to download to your phone and when your smart washer machine is in trouble, you just open the app and hold it up to the machine and it will diagnose the problem.  Told you it was smart!  If that’s not enough there is a 10 year warranty. That’s a whole lot of peace of mind, because no Mum (or Dad) wants a broken washing machine!!!

5.  It’s kind.  This is the first top loader machine I’ve ever had and I was a little nervous as I’ve heard so many stories about how rough they can be on clothes.  Not this one though. There is no agitator (that jerky movement that top loaders are renowned for), so the clothes are washed much more gently.  I’m happy to say that I’ve not had any tangling or stretching. It also has a 6 motion wash technology making it can be tougher on stains without be tough on the clothes.  It’s inbuilt heater is also perfect for killing any allergens.

LG smart washer top loader washing machine review

So as sad as this may sound, I really do love this machine! I think LG have hit the nail on the head with this top loader.

Have you ever tried an ‘smart’ washing machine before?

Are you a lover or a hater of the ‘top loader’?

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20 comments on “LG Smart washer top loader washing machine review”

    • Ouch!!! I’ve been caught not checking pockets first too. I washed hubby’s wallet and iphone. OOPS!

  1. We need to get a new washing machine soon as ours is on its last legs. I love top loaders {not a fan of front loaders} but I’ve always been a bit scared of the electronic ones – I prefer old school dials. Although this one doesn’t look too bad so you may have converted me!

    • I love love love the dials Toni. I think I’m like a magpie, the shinier the better, haha.

  2. I don’t want to say it out aloud in case it hears me but ours is on the way out. And this machines sounds like perfect! We need a 9.5kg, ours is just 7 – maybe 8 – can’t remember! Here’s to a free washing machine – SCORE!

    • I don’t know how I ever coped without the big drum Em, it’s the BEST. Hope your washer is ok :((

  3. Hi Robyn, could you tell me the Model Number of your machine? I have done a Google search but a couple look very similar but have different Model numbers. I am looking to purchase a new machine very shortly as my 23 year old machine is coming to the end of its life. Cheers – Annie

    • Hi Annie, the model number is WTG952WH. You’ll love it. I’m impressed that your own machine lasted 23 years, that’s awesome. Happy shopping. xx

    • This is the first time I’ve ever used a top loader and I must admit I am totally converted! xx

  4. I hate this machine. Would never own a top loader without an agitator again. My clothes are not clean. I use He detergent, I trouble shoot as instructed. Still it leaves “stuff” on clothes. I have cleaned the washer multiple times. Tested water, it’s not a sediment issue. I believe it simply just doesn’t wash well.

  5. Great work! But I think for kids clothes we should think about Top Load Washing Machines with Inbuilt Heater. After all hot water wash are more hygienic.

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