Can you make a little girl any happier than giving her a PINK carseat??   Infasecure Evolve Caprice carseat review 2015 We were very kindly gifted an Infasecure Evolve Caprice car seat a couple of weeks ago from Infasecure, and it has been AWESOME.  Having had to deal with kids and car seats every single day for the past eight years, I can honestly say this one is a keeper!!

Check out this video I made which shows you just how cool this seat is.  Do you like the little wiggle?

What you need to know 

  • It’s FORWARD facing.
  • It is suitable for ages 6 months to 8 years.
  • It is seriously easy to install.
  • The covers are easily removable and fully machine washable.  They are even interchangeable so you could have a pink seat one day and turquoise the next (8 colours to choose from).
  • It has an inbuilt harness with an adjustable buckle.
  • The seat can recline gradually rather than having a fixed recline position.
  • It has an easy lift and twist function (which you can do one handed) to adjust the height of the seat.
  • It has two cup holders plus and seat protector (that goes under the car seat) with three more pockets to keep ‘kid things’ in.
  • It has Air Cocoon Technology which gives your child extra protection if (god forbid) there was any impact.

infasecure car seat review 8 We’ve had several car seats over the years and it really is important to get the right one.  You need one that is easy to get your child into and out of, especially, if like me you get in and out of the car what feels like a hundred times a day.  You also want a good, secure seatbelt that they can’t undo themselves.  Have you ever had a door fling open while mid driving yet???  I have!  It’s NOT something you want to happen, believe me!!

If you do long drives or are often driving when the kids are asleep (which is inevitable really), then a good comfy seat with a proper recline in a must.  It’s horrible watching their little heads bob around when there is nothing you can do about it.

Washable covers are also a MUST.  I’ve just been through potty training for the third time and believe me they will wee on the seat, at least once (if you’re lucky).  Don’t forget vomit – hands up if you’ve had a vomiting child in the car? It happens to the best of us and there is nothing worse than not being able to quickly wash the covers.

Most importantly it’s safe.

The Evolve Caprice ticks all the boxes for me and it looks great too.  The only thing that I still struggle with it trying to strap a seatbelt over a tutu!  Mums of girls, you’ll know what I mean!

So are you in the market for a new car seat??  I would honestly recommend the Caprice Evolve.

Which colour would you choose?

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*Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this review and all opinions, photographs and video footage are my own.

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    • Thanks, she is a cutie. Seats have come a long way since I first got one too!! Crazy to think that my parents didn’t even have to use one for us! x

  1. Saw this at the Baby Expo last year and loved it! Hoping to get the Purple one when we find a good deal here in Perth.

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