A few weeks ago I met a lovely lady at my local beaches market who runs Little Alfie Photography.  She asked Lexi-Rose a couple of silly questions and then she entered us into a competition to win a free family photo shoot.  Guess what ……. we WON!!

Photo day came and I rushed about trying to find the right outfits for us all to wear.  I googled ‘what to wear for a family photo shoot’ and the most popular advice was ‘DO NOT wear dark clothing’.  Oooops, I should have checked earlier, because the dress I had chosen for me was navy and I didn’t have time to find another one.  Luckily another piece of advice that Google gave me was to ‘choose mum’s outfit first and then style everyone else around that, because if mum is comfortable then everyone else will be happy’.  Having stupidly left everything to the last minute, I thought this advice was perfect.

We arrived at Sydney’s Centennial Park for our shoot and poor Josh was sick as a dog with the flu.  He spent most of the shoot crying, while the rest of us tried desperately to cheer him up.  Our photographer was so lovely and managed to get us all done in less than an hour, which was a relief (and a miracle).

I was very skeptical about how the photos would turn out but when they arrived I was so blown away I almost cried.  It’s the first time ever we’ve had proper family photos taken of all 5 of us and I just LOVE them.

Here’s a few of my favourites.

family photos 1 family photos family photos family photos family photos family photos family photos family photos family photos 11

They may have cost a small fortune but they are worth every penny to me.

Thank you Grace for capturing our family so perfectly.

When was the last time you had professional photographs taken?

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