This is quite an ambiguous title because I actually have no idea what the answer is!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood recently and in particular what kind of mother I am?? Am I just a mother or is there more to it (and me) than that??

After diving head first into a blogging course recently (Bright-eyed and Blog hearted by Rachel MacDonald), I keep coming up against the same questions – who am I and what kind of a blog do I write?  The most obvious answer is that Mrs D plus 3 is a Mummy Blog and I am a Mummy Blogger!  This answer just seemed too easy though, and the more I delved into it, the more lost and confused I seemed to get.  Should I be offering my readers more?? But what?? Is there more to me than being a mum (and a mummy blogger)?? But what is it??  Seeing as no one really knows me better than me (well apart from Mr D, who thinks he does) you’d think I would know the answers to these questions wouldn’t you?

I started making lists of all the things I could (or should) offer my readers, which seemed to be so intricately linked with what I could or should be doing as a mother, that I started to feel a bit useless at everything and it wasn’t a good feeling!!

Steering dangerously close to just ‘giving it all up’ and sticking my head in the sand, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment (if you can call it that – it certainly wasn’t that dramatic) and realised that this whole process is not supposed to make me judge myself or try to do something or be someone that I’m not happy with.  Maybe, just maybe, the answer I’m looking for really is the easy one?


There, I said it!  No shame in that!  I wrote it down too (at the top of a new list) and suddenly things started to became a lot clearer.  I love blogging and I love being a mum (most days).  What I write about and how I choose to parent and live my life IS who I am at this moment, and I am more than happy with that.  There are so many hundreds of topics and ways of parenting that fit under the ‘mummy umbrella’ that I don’t think I need to restrict anything.  I don’t believe there is ever a right or wrong way to wean your baby on to solids or stop them wetting the bed, or keeping them out of your bed or getting their homework done etc etc.  Each mums’ journey and choices are different and thats what makes them interesting.

The real pressure that I put on myself about being a better mum actually comes from me over-analysing every situation, and that age old devil that is ‘comparison’.  If we were to all parent exactly the same way, life and our little people would end up very boring.

I adore my kids.  Sometimes they drive me crazy, sometimes I loose my shit! Sometimes (quite often at the moment, especially with the almost two year old) they loose their shit too!  Somedays we laugh, somedays we cry (yes me too). Some days I’m disappointed, in me, in them, in life. Other days I am so proud I could burst and everyday I am grateful.

Being a mum is who I am right now and I’m ok with that.  Actually more than ok.

My job is to give them roots, so they’re not afraid of the wind!

Original source: Pinterest

Whatever it is you’re looking for in life, start with what is making you happy right now and sometimes the answer really is the most obvious one.

How do your view my blog?  Is there anything you’d like to see more of or less of??


9 comments on “How to be a great mum”

  1. Yes you are a mummy and a blogger and a DAMN fine one at that lovely. I’m glad you’re at peace with you and your blog. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously working just fine! I love your attitude to life 🙂

  2. I have that post pinned and I love it. There is nothing wrong with being a Mummy Blogger, those stories that you share help to make us realise we all have good days and bad days and that someone is out there to listen or share our stories.

  3. I struggle with that question, the what sort of blogger are you, what’s your niche stuff. I don’t have a niche. And I’ve been blogging since well before the kids came along so I don’t feel like I am only a mummy blogger, I feel like I am an everything blogger, especially if you read through my archives to the BC (before children) posts. Funnily enough I just wrote a comment about this on Janet’s blog. I think of myself as a personal blogger, and the fact that my blog name is what it is means that the blog can grow and change as I do, and right now it is firmly entrenched in it’s mummy/parenting blogger period, and my guess is that as I figure out what I want to do outside of the home (namely design and photography) the blog will slowly grow to have more a leaning that way. And that’s what I love about blogging, it can be anything and everything, whatever we want, there are no rules! #teamIBOT

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