Nod if your life is just a little on the busy side and you feel like you are packing in a weeks worth of ‘stuff’ into each day??  Yep, that’s me!  Some days I don’t feel like I actually even sit down until after the kids are in bed.  When I say to Mr D “God, I’m exhausted!!!” (which is most nights), he says “Why, what have you done today?” and I annoying can’t think of a SINGLE thing!!!!  My brain is like swiss cheese.  Does that ever happen to you??

I was recently asked to review a product called ‘Hairy Lemon’ and I thought “What on earth is that?????”  Then I read the first line of their marketing brief…….

‘Feeling tired and dull? Get picked up by HAIRY LEMON for energy,
recovery, stamina and endurance!’ 
and I thought – “YES PLEASE – give me some of that!!!!”  It is absolutely packed full of vitamins and despite it’s rather florescent appearance, it has no artificial colours in it! It’s also both gluten and lactose free.


My sample pack arrived in the post and I barely had a chance to photograph it for you before the kids had got their hands on it!!  Master J thought the bright yellow sunnies were ‘sick’ and he also told me  that he needed the headphones too!!  Well I needed some extra stamina (it is school holidays after all).  So I dropped one of the Hairy Lemon tablets into a bottle of water and gave it a try.  Watching the effervescence fizz and dance around in the bottle like a bright yellow flare was pretty cool.  Miss H got so excited and wanted to put them ALL into water!

When it was ready to drink Master J said, “Arrgh mum are you gonna drink that??  It looks like pee in a bottle!!” which of course sent them both into fits of giggles as I started to sip it.  I can assure you that it actually tasted really nice – I’m not entirely sure what the flavour is meant to be but it tasted like passionfruit to me.

It is especially formulated for fast absorption into the body to give you that ‘lift’ just when you need it most.  I’ve been drinking it every day for a week now and I’ve noticed that it gives me the same kind of ‘lift’ as a good cup of coffee!  I don’t think I could ever give up my morning coffee but drinking a  Hairy Lemon is SOOOO much better for you than relying on coffee or other ‘caffeine’ drinks during the day.

Here’s why:

Firstly, you have to drink it with water – and we all know how important it is to drink water! AND it is specially formulated to help optimise energy levels, aid recovery and improve mental alertness! (I’m sure Mr D thinks my mental alertness could do with some improvement – he’s always shaking his head about some of things I do during the day – like loosing the car keys, putting my phone is the freezer, forgetting to pick up a kid from school…………..)

  • It contains Guarana which is a herbal tonic that contains 4 mg caffeine (see I told you it was better than coffee or cola).
  • It contains ALL the B vitmins (1, 2, 3 5, 6, and 12), which naturally helps the body to provide energy.
  • It has Vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant helping to fight off colds and is also great for your skin.
  • It also contains Ginseng and Biotin which both help to ease nervous tention and stress.
  • And it tastes good
I used to drink something similar in the days when I was airline staff!  I remember how they used to help get me through those long night flights!  Good times those were!!
So if you have a busy life like me, or maybe have just had a rough night and need to ‘beat the lag and drag’ of the day then try a Hairy Lemon!

I have two of these fun energy packs to giveaway, so enter below for your chance to win!

Always remember to check the packing before taking a Hairy Lemon
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this review although I did receive a sample kit.  All opinions and photos are my own.

Have you ever drunk a hairy lemon?

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15 comments on “How to beat tiredness without over-dosing on coffee. A Hairy Lemon Review & Giveaway”

  1. You know I think I need to step back from the Ice Breaks, the coffee and all the other pick me ups! And I LOVE lemons, I mix them with my vodka, but I also know I should drink more water. This is totally the prize for a MOT WROC – mother of three who relies on coffee! (I know, such a bad rhyme) Em xx

  2. I have seen that and thought what a funny name for a company. But it certainly sounds like something I need.

    Thanks for linking up to the Wednesday Review.

  3. I am a mum of two boys and most of the time I don’t have energy to keep up with them.
    hairy lemon can definitely help me in taking care of my kids with more strength.

  4. Those babies of mine run rings around me every day! I need an energy boost just to keep up – love the review, not sure I could have drunk it after the pee comment though! Coming on over to offer love from Salz linky 🙂

  5. As mum of three aged 8 and under
    Energy’s low, is it any wonder?!
    Some Hairy Lemon is just what I need
    To bring me back up to speed!

  6. With a two year old that gets me up before the sun has even shown its face,
    and a four year old who likes to test my patience every minute of the day,
    I often feel like crawling back into bed by midday. Hairy Lemon sounds like just the thing I need to keep me going!

  7. I think I need one for my Saturdays…the day when I try to catch up on everything I can’t get done during the week. Hoping that Hairy Lemon is my equivalent to a few extra hours in the day!

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