My younger sister is expecting her first baby next year and I’m just sooo excited for her.  I only wish we lived closer so that I can share the experience of the ‘big bump’ with her.  Although she is probably going to grow the most perfect little bump and then be one of those lucky few that just spring right back into their pre pregnancy clothes!  Unfortunately that did not happen to me, but that’s a whole new story.

She’s about half way though her pregnancy now and yesterday I decided to put together all my own maternity clothes in a little package to send back to her.  Some of my clothes were new for Miss L’s bump but some of them I’ve had since my very first bump which was almost six years ago now (can you believe???).  Laying them all out on the bed ready to pack away brought so many lovely memories flooding back.  I have to be totally honest and say that I really did not enjoy any of my pregnancies at the time but it’s amazing how the mind distorts things and leaves you with just the good memories.  Fortunately the same goes for labour too – so don’t worry sis, you’ll be just fine!

I worked out just from my clothes (and a few photos) that my three big belly’s visited London, South Africa, Dubai, Las Vegas, France, New York, Sydney and Los Angeles!!

relaxing with my very first baby bump

I had to search through my photo library to try and find some of my bump photos and this one reminded of just how much time I had to rest and put my feet up when I was pregnant with Master J.  There is something so very special about your first pregnancy and I really wish someone had told me to appreciate it more at the time.  (I’m sure my mum did and I probably didn’t believe her).  It’s the only time you really get to take note of every little change your body goes through and every emotion that you’re feeling, and most importantly it’s the very last time you get to REST!!  Being pregnant with a toddler is a whole different ball game.  Trying to breastfeed at the same time as wiping a botton or negotiating your way through a temper tantrum is just not the same as having a pedicure and an afternoon nap!!!

I also remember how it just seemed to take FOREVER for my bump to appear first time around and then on the second and third pregnancies it popped out before I even had a chance to get my head around it!!

I think I was only about 20 weeks when this picture was taken and I thought I was ENORMOUS!
My middle bump with Master J’s cubby little hands.
This was taken only a few days before Miss H was born and I think my face says it all.  I was almost two weeks overdue and totally OVER IT!!
The very best part of being pregnant is feeling your baby move.  As cliched as it sounds, it really is the most incredibly special feeling – right from those first little tiny flutterby’s to the great big kicks.  It’s something that only mummy can feel and I loved it.  Even if it woke me up at 3am in the morning!!  I couldn’t help but smile and whisper a little ‘hello darling’ to that tiny little creature wriggling around inside me.

My third pregnancy was in Australia and it was quite hard being a mummy of two little ones and being so far away from my family.  However, I was very fortunate the go through the whole experience privately with my very own doctor and some pretty amazing 3D scans.  I was given so much extra care and we were very spoilt!

Now that’s a bump!!!!!  This is a my third bump and was by far the biggest of them all.
This was just before Miss L arrived.  Sisterly love already.  Such a precious photo x
Each big belly has brought me three of the most incredible little people I could every wish for.  They have changed my life in ways I could never even imagine.
So it’s with a big smile and a happy heart that I can finally say “good bye big belly and thank you’.
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  1. Such beautiful photos – I am currently pregnant with my third and have this feeling that I would be sad if this was my last pregnancy. But in saying that I need to see my life with three, three and under to make the final call.

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