Globber scooter review My girls were SUPER excited to receive a new Globber My FREE scooter each the other week to review.  They’ve both only ever had hand me down scooters from big brother which made these ones even more awesome.

Of course the colours got a HUGE tick from both of them.  Hollie loves the turquoise brake (because it’s her current favourite colour) and Lexi just just loves that hers is pink pink and pink!!  Actually it’s supposed to be purple but she’s adamant it’s pink. Globber do have a really great variety of colours in the MY FREE scooter range, so don’t panic if pink is not your thing!

I had personally never heard of Globber scooters before so I was intrigued to see how they would go with the girls.  Within 5 minutes of them arriving they had done 20 laps around the house, scared the cat half to death and ridden over my toes twice.  A good start……I think so. I think we needed to get outside!

Globber MY FREE scooter review I loved the adjustable handle bar height.  Not only did it make it easier for the girls to know who’s scooter was who’s, but it also meant that little Lexi was able to ride hers at the right height, without always having to struggle on a scooter that was too big for her.  The T-bar can be adjusted to three different heights so you can move it up as your child grows.  Once we got down to the footpath for a proper ride, Lexi’s confidence amazed me.  It only took her a few go’s to work out the break at the back and the steering, which was obviously really easy to get because we didn’t have a single tear.

Globber MY FREE scooter review I could tell straight away that the Gobber MY FREE scooter was well built too, because Hollie kindly let big brother Josh have a go and he took it through it’s paces by jumping off ramps and doing some pretty ‘hairy’ 360’s.  The Globber handled it perfectly!

So as a result I have two very happy girls who both give the Globber MY FREE scooter a 10 out of 10.

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7 comments on “Globber MY FREE kids scooter review”

    • They are the best fun for kids. Only problem is trying to keep up with them. I think I might have to get my own :))

  1. Robyn, you are so clever! I just love that video. I love Lexi’s dancing too. I thought she was going to break out into the robot for a second 🙂 My daughter just got a scooter for her birthday – a Frozen one. Groan. These Globber ones would have been perfect. #teamIBOT

    • That Frozen theme seems to be lasting forever don’t you think??? Oh and I totally cheated on the video and used an app called Magisto – SO EASY!! :))

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