Me and my beautiful girl on her 1st day of ‘BIG’ school.

As of last week I became a mum of TWO (out of three) school kids!!  It’s going to mean big changes in our house this year but it really has been a long time coming.  Miss H has been absolutely desperate to go to school since about the middle of last year.  It’s been a long and sometimes painful wait, but she finally made it!!  Master J is sitting on the fence at them moment about whether or not it’s cool to have a little sister at school.

I had mixed emotions on the first day.  I found the summer holidays soooooo long, especially towards in the last couple of weeks – the kids were driving me crazy!  As much as I adore them, I am pretty sure I am a much better mum when they are at school and I have a little bit of time to use my brain in-between parenting.  However, I was a little sad to see her go (and might have had a tiny tear under my sunnies) and found myself lingering around outside the school just to make sure she was ok.  She was of course, but out of experience I know that the wobbles and tiredness only start to creep in around week 4 when the novelty wears off and they begin to realise that “This is it and you have to go EVERY day!”

I am also sending my baby off to daycare twice a week this year and letting her go was so much harder for me, as at only 20 months old it was impossible to explain to her that I was coming back.  I know I’ve done the right thing though and she will flourish with it.

Here are a few photos of the first day of school this year.  Miss H has gone into Kindergarden and Master J will be in Year 2.

And off they go……..Kindergarden and Year 2!
2014 is full to the bring of new beginnings for us and I feel so very grateful for them all.
Did you have a little one starting school this year?  Or maybe even daycare or High School?  I hope it went well and you have a fabulous year full of smiles (and not too much homework resistance).
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13 comments on “The first day of school means new beginnings……..”

  1. Awwww, it really is bittersweet sending a littlie off to school for the first time! I’ve done it with my older four, but I’m already dreading the day I have to let my last one go and it’s not for another four years!

  2. It sure is hard sending them off to daycare, Oliver went at 15 months and still screams his head off every time I leave 🙁 But now knows I’m coming back! I’ll have 2 next year, but won’t be home alone until 2017! Not that I’m wishing it away, well not right now any how xxx

    • I know just what you mean Emily. I don’t think I’ll be home until 2018!! It is lovely having some time to myself though – I think I’m going to enjoy this year. xx

  3. I had my big girl start kindy. She went of fine and is loving it. I am enjoying the time at home without her, she was so ready to go! Her little sister is loving the run of the house to herself too, I am just seeing how content and how good she is at playing by herself my little Summer is.

  4. Gorgeous pics – I can’t get over how much your littlest one reminds me of Miss 17 at that age. They’re not exactly alike, but both have the big eyes and the cheeky little face!

  5. Oh what a special time for you! They look so grown up 🙂

    My MissyMoo1 is in year 2 this year . Next year will be a big year of firsts for us: MissyMoo2 will start school and MissyMoo3 will start preschool. I’m glad I have a year to get used to the idea.

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