After my first child was born I was very unexpectedly struck down with Post Natal Depression.  I know ‘struck down’ sounds a bit dramatic, but that’s how I felt.  I went from a perfectly normal pregnancy where I was counting the minutes until I’d meet my little boy, to almost not being able to be in the same room as him when he cried.

I was so withdrawn and ashamed about how I was feeling that I did everything in my power to hide it.  I actually did a very good job of pretending to the outside world that I was ‘fine’ and life with a new baby was ‘fabulous’ even though it was anything but.

The problem was that I was unable to hide it from my husband.  Living in the same house together and sharing the same bed made it impossible.  He watched me slowly fall apart and listened to me sob myself to sleep night after night.  I was in such a massive state of denial, that in my mind I was hiding it all from him too.

I believed (at the time) that our baby didn’t love me he just loved his Dad.  Why was it that Dad could settle him and I couldn’t?  How come Dad went all doe eyed when he looked at him and I didn’t?  How did Dad get to bond with him so quickly and I couldn’t?  All these questions were running though my head every second of every day making me build up huge walls and barriers of resentment.  I was horrible to him and it wasn’t his fault at all.

Our relationship, which was once rock solid before this little human was born, was falling apart too and I couldn’t even see it.   The more he tried to help the further away I pushed him, until one day he decided to have a intervention and he called my mum.  I was so angry with him for doing it because I saw it as the ultimate betrayal of trust.  This was MY secret and not his to share.

Some time later and upon reflection I can now fully appreciate that by stepping in and doing something he not only saved me, but also saved us, and I will always be so grateful for that.

During the months I suffered from Post Natal Depression the focus was so much on me, the new mum, that very few people actually asked how my husband was doing.  Although he was over the moon by with the arrival of our precious boy, he also had to silently watch me suffer from the sidelines and that could not have been easy for him.

Having a new baby affects everyone differently.  Some people cope perfectly well and others struggle.  It is not always just the mums that struggle; it can also be the Dads and relationships too.

2014-PND-Week-instagram-day-Mum This post was written for PND Awareness week.  If you are reading this and think that you or your partner may be suffering from Post Natal Depression than please visit or call PANDA ( 1300 726306

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11 comments on “Don’t forget Dad! Written for PND awareness week.”

  1. It’s so true that a lot of people forget that the Dad is learning it all for the first time too. It must have been hard for your hubby to see you struggling so much and feeling helpless. I’m glad that you were able to seek help and that he did reach out for help on your behalf.

  2. It must be so hard for dad’s to see their partners falling apart, and be unable to do anything.
    I’m so greatfull for my husband being so supportive when I had PND. He was amazing.

  3. Very true, Robyn. It is a major life adjustment for Dads too. I know that my husband felt a little left out to start with as he didn’t have as big a role to play as I did. Thank you for sharing your story and for helping to raise awareness. Visiting via #teamIBOT

  4. Yup. I was nodding in complete agreement throughout this post. My husband didn’t say it so much but I know it would’ve been tough for him when I was at my worse with PND.
    Thanks for sharing your story, Robyn. It’s not easy to talk about the effects of PND but you words are helping others out there. x

  5. This is a beautiful post. It must have been such a rollercoaster of emotions for your husband; joy at the birth of his child, distress and worry for his struggling wife, and that awful feeling of helplessness when someone we love is going through a rough time and we feel powerless to help.

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