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Collaroy Beach playground has got to be my all time favourite on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  I’m actually not the biggest fan of playgrounds.  After nearly 8 years of pushing kids on swings, trying my best to catch every ‘watch this Mum’ moment, dealing with countless meltdowns and refereeing a few kids ‘scraps’, I am somewhat over them!!  However the kids LOVE playgrounds and it makes them happy, so I keep going.

This particular playground is a little bit sentimental as it was the very first park I ever took the kids to when we came to Australia.  It was a little run down back then, but the view was gorgeous and it had everything you needed, so we’ve been coming ever since.  A few months ago it closed down for a huge big overhaul and there has been much anticipation about what the council were going to do to it.

It finally opened this month and it didn’t disappoint.   Collaroy Beach playground 1 The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole area is a real sensory gem for kids.  Not only is there every piece of equipment a good playground needs but there are also lots added extras for the kids to enjoy.  The magic mirror and the water play area were particular favourites, as was the steel drum set which Miss L became slightly attached to.

According to my swing obsessed girls, the ‘bed swings’ are the BEST!!  They look like big sun loungers that you can laze in and swing through the air.  I wish I could give them a go.

See for yourself.  Here’s a little video I made.

Everything you need to know:

  • The toilets are across the car park in the SLSC building.  They have recently been refurbished too and are in great condition.
  • The playground is fully fenced with several entry gates around it.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • There are picnic tables both inside the playground as well as outside on the grassy area.  There is also a BBQ on the grassy area outside the playground.
  • There is ample parking, although it has been very busy recently.  There is also a bus stop a few hundred yards away.
  • There is no cafe at the park, however just across the road there are ample cafes and restaurants. The pedestrian crossing is a few hundred yards to your right if you are facing the road.
  • There is plenty of shade available and a water bubbler to re-fill drink bottles in the playground.
  • The ocean swimming pool is just a short work away.  There is both a 50m pool and a toddler pool with a fantastic sheltered beach area and rock pools right beside it.  Just make sure to check that the tide is out first.
  • There is wheelchair access within the playground and a separate (enclosed) wheelchair swing.
  • There are also big trash bins both inside and outside the playground.

My kids have given it a ten out of ten.  Have you tried it out yet?  What did you think??

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16 comments on “Collaroy Beach playground – new and improved”

    • They’ve done an amazing job with it!!!! I was so impressed. It’s just SO busy at the moment – hopefully the novelty will wear off soon. and YES you must come and visit x

  1. LOVE the video Robyn, it’s fab. By spooky coincidence I am editing photos from Collaroy playground too, myself and twins were there last weekend and loved it. And we’ve got that same sentimental attachment as we visited it heap when big boys were little.

    • Thanks Seana. I took the footage last weekend, we must have just missed each other!!! it’s always been a lovely park but it’s SO much better now x

  2. My kids are a bit old now for regular playground visits – but if we come across one, they still make a beeline for it and have to check out all the features! I think they would give this one a big thumbs up. (found you via FYBF)

    • I think parks are just engrained in kids – they seems to be attracted to them like magnets. Thanks so much for stopping by x

    • The park on Mona Vale beach is a great spot but this one is ever better now that’s its been re-vamped!! I might even bump into you this summer :)) x

  3. Gotta love Australia and its wonderful beach playgrounds! Looks wonderful here! Will let you know when we make a trip out to the Northern Beaches next 🙂 x

  4. Our two boys LOVE playgrounds, actually I reckon we could try Australia from Playground with our youngest cause he loves exploring them!
    What a great video – did you use a GroPro and the song…how did that get approved with YouTube 🙂

    • Yes it is with a Go-pro. They are so much fun to use. I just submitted the request and it was approved as long as they could put and ad on it and I’m not making any money from it. xx

  5. We are loving your movie Robyn, and thanks for the positive feedback. This special playground comes with our love to the community of Sydney, and is designed with all kids in mind.

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