review 1 is one of my fabulous monthly blog sponsors, and I’m so happy to introduce them and tell you all about what they do.

They are a one stop shop for everything you might need support your child’s learning and development.  From tiny babies, all the way up to teens, there is almost nothing you won’t be able to find.  Best of all, it’s an online store, and you all know how I love online shopping. Shopping in the comfort of my bed at night on an ipad verses wrangling a toddler and two “can I have this mum?” children around a busy shopping mall??  It’s a no brainer really.

The website is bright and inviting and so easy to use.  I have purchased lots of arts and crafts equipment for my kids, as well as stocked up on birthday presents (it seems to be party season for us at the moment).

One of favourite purchases so far has been Zingo.  My kids love it, and Josh has even taken it to school a couple of times to use during maths groups.  I wrote a very popular post a couple of weeks ago about 5 fun ways you can do maths at home with the kids, which was sponsored by

There are also a whole range of wonderful free resources and printables to help your child with their learning.  I actually got stuck into them last weekend as the entire quota of rainfall for August in Sydney fell on Sunday!!  Being inside with three kids was no fun at all, so we got stuck into the craft.  My brain is very limited when it comes to crafting ideas, so I loved the fact that I didn’t have to think, and everything was all in one place for me. review on mrs d plus 3

I can honestly recommend having a look around the website.   You won’t be disappointed.  It saved my bacon last week when it was science week at school and both my kids had to create and bring ‘experiments’ in.  The science section on the website is awesome!!

To get your shopping started I have a $100 gift card to giveaway to one lovely (and lucky) reader.  To enter all you have to do it click on the competition link below and tell me in the blog comments what is your favourite activity you do with your child/ren.

*This competition is only available to Australian residents.

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34 comments on “ – The Education Superstore Review PLUS a $100 giveaway”

  1. My favourite activity to do with my two boys is build Lego creations. Sometimes I am the “hunter” and am happy to take instruction from them on what they need – “a red four”, “an orange light”, “a purple pair of legs”. Other times they tell me what they want and I try to create it. Yep last Xmas I made a very odd looking giant santa 🙂

    • You are so good. I am rubbish at lego creations, that one falls into the dad basket. He’s way better than me ::))

    • Isn’t it. Have you seen those great doodle books for adults?? I love them and I totally agree – relaxing :))

    • Waaay better than rushing to the shops at the last minute (well that seems to be me every Friday at the moment!!) x

    • Ah the messy stuff! I try I really do, but I’m just allergic to mess, lol. I do it every now and again though because I know how much they love it 🙂

    • Glad I could help, lol. My kids do that too and sometimes they can be SO specific about what they want (like Elsa – again!!)

    • Oh that’s a wonderful idea. I’s love to do that – just need to squeeze some more time out of my week, lol 🙂

  2. My daughter is now a teen and we spent many fun hours together creating a photo scrapbook of memories for the past year.

    Sorry for the duplicate comment, I made a typo in the last one for my email address 🙁

  3. We all love to cook together but my littlest one is a craft fiend – will have to have a good look around this site and start stocking up on activities for the holidays

    • They come up so quickly don’t they. I need to start getting organised too. Only two weeks to go now would you believe? 🙂

    • I keep meaning to get one of those grown up books. I’ve heard it’s very therapeutic. I’m just not sure I’d have the patience for it, lol xx

  4. Fantastic, thanks for introducing me to this website! I can’t wait to check it out!
    My 4 little munchkins love colouring, painting, cutting/glueing, practicing words & numbers & we love singing & dancing together 🙂

    • Singing and dancing is the best. MY girls love to make up dance shows and then sell me tickets to come and watch it :))

  5. Today we are all enjoying a moochy day at home and hanging out with our pug puppy. Best fun! We also love taking photos and getting involved in sports. This website looks awesome and I’ve just been browsing for more fun ideas xo

  6. My maths teacher friend gave my son Zingo one birthday and he loves it!

    But my favourite thing to do with him is drawing and writing and making books. We went to a little workshop at the Perth Writers Festival on making books out of an A3 piece of paper and he loves to do this and the stories he comes up with are hilarious!

    • I have just seen an advert for a story book making workshop in Sydney these up coming school holidays and I was wondering if my kids would enjoy that. I think you’ve just helped me make up my mind. THANKS x

  7. I love cooking with my two gorgeous grandchildren – mostly things that require licking the beaters! When they visit they get to choose what we’ll cook, we go shopping if we need ingredients & then it’s fun in the kitchen & they always eat every last bit! Bliss ?

    • The best bits about being a granny. I wish my mum lived closer so that my kids could have fun in the kitchen with her too :))

  8. Inside home it would be reading story books and solving puzzles. Outside home it would be riding our bicycles…

    • We’ve only just got my 6 year old confident enough on her bike to actually come out on long bikes rides and there is no stopping her now. xx

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