We had such beautiful weather over the summer school holidays that I think the clouds sucked up half the ocean and then decided to dump the whole lot on us, on the first day of school.

Usually I hate it when it rains this much on school pick ups and drop offs, as dragging a toddler under an umbrella whilst trying to wrestle bags and two grumpy wet school kids is not my idea of fun.  The hood on my raincoat is too big too, covering my eyes, so I can’t really see what I’m doing under that ‘Charlie and Lola’ umbrella.  I’m sure I look like a crazy lady!

Today was different though, no amount of local flooding was going to take the skip out of my step.  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved having the kids at home over the summer (well maybe the first couple of weeks) but I’m admittedly a much better mum when I get that daily break from the general chaos that having three kids at home brings.  mrs d plus 3 back to school 2015 (4)

This year Josh is gone into Year 3, and moved into the senior side of Primary school.  He’s pretty indifferent about school and was just really looking forward to seeing all of his mates today.  Hollie will be starting Year 1 and was a little bit more sensitive this morning.  Her main worry was that all her friends would have forgotten her over the holidays.  Oh and she also wants a teacher with long hair that is kind.

Little Lexi-Rose is still going to Daycare and although she loves it, she woke up WAY too early this morning and by 8am was generally cranky about EVERYTHING.  Good luck teachers.   back to school 2015 I hope my babies have had the best first day back at school and I really hope that 2015 is going to be another happy school year for them (with not too much homework please).

Are your kids starting school today or this week?
How is everybody doing?

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2 comments on “Back to school! 2015 Here we come…….”

  1. Ha ha it sounds very much like around here. We had rain also today. Mr 3 would not let go of the brolly but other than that it was okay. Gorgeous trio my lovely. Here’s to slighter less crazy days. Although with lunches, homework, maybe not! x

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