A blissful early evening walk
As Mr D is away on business this week we have hired the wonderful Kirsty (http://www.facebook.com/HoneyILeftTheKidsWithKirsti) to be my second pair of hands during every mum’s favourite time of day – tea-bath-bed!!  This may sound a little extravagant, as surely I can fly solo for 7 days right???  Weeeeelllll, I’ll just give you a little background shall I?? The last time Mr D went away, I managed to get a $500 parking fine and crash the car (rather badly), which resulted in me needing to drive a rental for the next 4 weeks while the repairs were done!  Ooops!!  In my defence, little L was only a few weeks old and I was sleep deprived and still had a severe case of baby brain!  So you see, Mr D figured that paying Kirsti was the cheaper option this time.  Fortunately we can look back and laugh – well, I can anyway: –
I had the worst case of baby brain during my last pregnancy and for some reason it seems to still be hanging around.  Now I have always been a little on the ditsy side, but some days I do wonder how I get from A to B.  I must be the real super-mummy!!  I am forever losing my keys and my phone – seriously at least once a week.  Mr D has now put some kind of tracking device on my phone, so every time I loose it, I have to go home and email Mr D, who then searches for where my phone is and emails me back.  It usually goes something like this “Babe, it must be under one of the kids seats this time as the GPS is showing that the phone is outside J’s school.  As it 3pm I’m guessing you must be parked there. Somewhere!!  Love you J.”  I’d have no hope if I ever decided to have an affair!! 
The other day I popped up to the local shops to get see the Butcher (to get some meat, not have an affair, just to clarify). As I was carrying little L in her car seat as well as keys, phone, wallet etc I ran out of hands, so when I got the meat I put my phone and wallet inside the brown paper bag so I had fewer things to carry.  For the next few days we searched and searched for my phone and wallet – nothing!  “You must remember when you last used them” says Mr D, “Nope – can’t remember a thing” I reply, which really is true!!  Even the phone tracker thingy was not working!  The next night Mr D opens the freezer to get out some steaks for dinner.  He opens up a brown paper bag and then all I hear is hysterical laughter!  Yep you’ve guessed it – wallet and phone!  And still in perfect working order too.
Anyway, back to Kirsti (who really is fabulous) – she arrived just in the nick of time yesterday.  Little L was about to scream for her feed, J and Miss H were starving to death (apparently) and I was feeling every so slightly frazzled!!  Once things had settled down I asked Kirsti if she minded if I went over the road to do my personal training class.  “No worries” she said “off you go”.  So off I went, all psyched up and ready to die (I’m still at that stage of unfitness).  I got there at exactly 6pm and there was no one to be seen.  “Strange I thought, I wonder if I’m early??”  So I sat down on the grass to wait when it suddenly dawned on me that it was Monday – and training was on a Wednesday!!!!!!  Oh bloody hell, how did I manage to get that wrong!!  I headed home, slightly irritated and as I got to the front door, I thought – “Rob, what are you doing??” The nanny was there, and I was OUT!!  ALONE!!  IN THE EVENING!!!  SO I promptly turned around and spent the next hour walking along the beach as the sun set.  It was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in a long time and listening to the waves crash in the semi-darkness does something wonderful to ones soul!  And all because of a simple baby brain error – so surely it can’t always be a bad thing??
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