This weekend Mr D has taken Miss H and Master J away on a “dad and kids’ camping trip, leaving me and little Miss L at home for TWO WHOLE DAYS!
They left first thing yesterday morning and I wasn’t even involved in the packing!  So who knows what they are going to get up to……..I have visions of a scene from Bear Grylls.  I don’t even know where they went!!  Mr D said he had it all under control and that they will only be an hour away.  I had to stop the control freak part of me from saying “Don’t let the kids get sunburn, and make sure you watch them near the water, and have you got an extra blanket in case it’s cold in the tent…..oh and please don’t let anyone get swallowed by a  python!!”
For the first hour that they were gone, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  It was so quiet in the house and I thought I would really relish the time on my own, but I found myself missing them.  I tried to call but there was no cellphone reception where they were, so I just sat on the sofa for half and hour and watched telly.  (Something which is just totally unheard of in my world!)
That was obviously all I needed because it suddenly dawned on me that I had the WEEKEND OFF!!!
people watching
I popped Miss L in her stroller and walked down to the beach cafe where I ordered some brunch, an ice cold smoothie and read the paper.  She chatted to everyone and anyone who gave her a smile and I (at last) savoured every minute of the peace and quiet.
An early evening walk around the lake watching the sun set – beautiful
All ready for bed and looking as cute as a button

I normally ‘dream’ feed her around 10:30pm each night to make sure that she goes through the night without waking.  However last night I was just so exhausted (from doing not much at all can you believe?) that I decided to go to bed early and just let her wake me up when she was ready.  At 5.10 this morning I woke up with a shock and rushed into her room to check that she was still alive!!  (I hope I’m not the only one that has those mad moments of panic!!)  And she was still sleeping like a little angel – it was as if she knew that mummy needed a good sleep.  I went back to bed and she eventually woke me at 7:30!!!!!!!  What a luxury!

Look how happy a whole nights sleep makes me mummy!!  Should I do it again??

I think my most favorite part of the weekend was staying in bed as long as I wanted this morning without two (very sweet) but totally over-enthusiastic kids climbing all over me with 500 questions and bickering over who is going to sit next to Miss L first, and who gets to hold her bottle and who makes her laugh the most!!

Sunday morning walk (after a trip to the bakers for a coffee and a croissant)
Time to head home and use this time to finish up my jobs before the chaos arrives home!

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