Today you are two.  The happiest of birthdays to you my beautiful girl.

It feels like just yesterday you turned 1.  I think this has been the fastest flying year in history, and my oh my have you grown.

You’ve learnt to walk, and run and jump and climb and spin around until you fall down on your bottom.  You can also dance, and you love that.  You’ve very good at it too and just LOVE to be the centre of your big brother and sister’s attentions.  If any of us try to dance with you, your chubby little finger points and you very firmly tell us “No! Stop it! I do it!”  We’re only allowed to watch you and that’s just how it is.

A day at the zoo to celebrating with your best friend and the cutest cake ever (which I didn’t make!)

You can also count to ten, sleep right through the night in your own bed (hallelujah) and sing twinkle twinkle little star.  We can tell you’re a third child as your most favourite phrases are “I do it too and mine turn”.  You also quite often say “I do it, I five!” which drives your sister crazy as it’s taken her a looooong time to get to five and she’s vey proud of that.

You love shoes….and hats….and skirts!  You love them even more if they are mummy’s or your big sisters, and some days it’s a very hard task trying to get you to wear anything of your own. We bought you some flashing Minnie Mouse ‘clipity clop’ shoes for your birthday and you have not taken them off since.
Wearing your sisters shoes

We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, you and me, while your brother and sister are at school,and I treasure every minute.  You teach me every day how to slow down and just live in the moment.  You’re fascinated by EVERYTHING and you love it so much when I show you every little thing I’m doing, so that you can do it to.  You are especially helpful at taking washing off the washing line while standing on your little step.  You’re very chatty too and we have such lovely looooong conversations in the car.  The best bit of all are your cuddles.  My heart reaches full capacity when you bury your little head in my neck and me squeeze tight.

With your own baby ‘Annabel’

Some days I wish I could just bottle you up………..your smile, your infectious giggles, your cheeky grin and sparkly eyes, just so that I can open it up and inhale you when you’re all grown up. (Which will happen by the time you are 5 according to your sister).

We love you to the moon and back baby girl and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do in the next year………but not so fast this time please!

How do you store all your precious memories??  Would you like to bottle them if you could??


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    • Aww thanks!! My friend made it for her – she is so clever. If I had attempted to make Peppa there is no way it would have looked any where near as cute as that :))

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