On Friday morning I was invited to attend a beautiful Belvita Breakfast in the stunning Rose Pavilion at Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.
I took the girls with me and Miss H was so excited about getting up earlier than dad to get the bus to the Palace!  We actually just had to enter the Botanical Gardens through the “Palace Gate’ but she was still convinced we might see a princess (and if we did she was going to give her a big cuddle and show her her pink sparkly boots).
We only just managed to get to the bus on time as no matter how organised I am in the morning, the house still ends up in a state of chaos (organised of course).  I left Mr D in charge of getting Master J to school and between us we still managed to forget his lunch!!  Luckily I was able to make a last minute call to the school canteen, who saved the day!!
It was well worth the early start – both for the brekkie and the view!!  The sun was streaming through the pavilion, all the roses were in full bloom, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was gleaming in the background and the breakfast spread was DELICIOUS!!

Melanie McGrice, a Leading Australian dietician telling us about the importance of having a healthy balanced breakfast
After  tucking in to some yummy food (that I wish I could have for breakfast every day), Melanie McGrice, who is a leading Australian dietician, gave us a little more information about the importance of breakfast and just how Belvita Breakfast biscuits can help – especially for us mums!!
I really wasn’t surprised to find out that at least half of us mums skip breakfast – I’m always bottom of the list in our house and normally don’t get round to having my brekkie until I’ve finished the school run (and any other jobs that need doing whilst I’m out and about).  I also HATE getting the kids breakfast organised in the morning.  There is always at least one of them whinging, and trying to make something more exciting than weetbix when you are under a time limit, and trying to make the packed lunch, sign a school reader, spoon feed a baby and put hair into a pony tail, all at the same time is no easy feat!
Try Belvita Breakfast Biscuits crushed up with fresh fruit and yogurt – SO GOOD!  Or spread a little ricotta on top of them and add a few chopped strawberries.  I’m sure even Michelle Bridges would approve!

So how can Belvita Breakfast Biscuits help:

  • They are EASY!!  They come in handy little ready-to-go packs of 4 biscuits.
  • They are called “biscuits”.  Anything that is called a biscuit get my kids attention – even when they’re healthy!
  • They are good for you!!  Each biscuit contains 5 wholegrains (wheat, rye, spelt, barley and oats), they’re low in GI, contain NO nasties and are a great source of fibre.
  • They are scientifically proven to provide 4 hours of sustained energy release!  That means that there is no whingy “mum I’m hungry” until at least morning tea and possibly even lunch time!  This is particularly good for Master J at school because his concentration really dips when he is hungry.
  • Last but not least – they’re YUMMY and come in 4 awesome flavours.
They also have a really funky website which is worth a look at BELVITA BREAKFAST BISCUITS
Miss H had the BEST time with the lovely Maria and made a very cute grass head called “Rachel”.  She also LOVED the Belvita Biscuits and told me she wants them everyday.

Just for a bit of fun, Belvita have joined up with 97.3FM for a Belvita Mumathlon.  If you’re a mum who is AWESOME at  multi-tasking and runs a mumathlon every morning then this is for you!  You will be put through a series of challenges for your chance to win $10,000!!!!  Click here to nominate a worthy mum.

Go on – you know you want to!!!!  It could be fun!

Lastly I would really like to thank Jess at MWWAH for our invitation to this fabulous breakfast, AMPR for organising it, the lovely Melanie McGrice (who I will be interviewing soon for her take on ‘the importance of breakfast) and of course Belvita for their delicious breakfast.

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*I have not been paid to write this post and all opinions and photos are my own.

7 comments on “A Belvita Breakfast (perfect for mums on the run)”

  1. I love Belvita biccies. They were my staple in the early days of breastfeeding when I needed a quick snack. Now we always have them on hand because Spouse loves them too. Looks like you had a great morning! I’m jealous!! Mez xx

  2. Came on over from Salz linky – LOVE the idea of crushed up biscuits in yoghurt with fruit, will definately have to give that a try for the kidlets. I’m just like you – I don’t even try to have breakfast till after the school run, there is just too much to do and ever after the run its still touch and go as to whether the babies will give me the time for brekky

    • Glad I’m not the only one operating in chaos in the mornings!! I havent had time to do the crushed biscuit thing in the morning but I gave it to the kids the other evening for pudding and they loved it! x

  3. I only have time to have breakfast after I drop the kids off at school. You got that right. That’s only if i remember too. Sometimes it’s just a cup of tea. Then lunch is skipped usually. No wonder I don;t have enough energy to run after the little kids. These biscuits sound like a great idea. I will have to give them a try. Even for the school kids on days when we are running short on time they can have these on the way to school.
    Thanks for linking up with The Wednesday Review linky on my blog. 😀

  4. Your right I am always last on the list of the breakfast rush. I often dont get it to 9.30 and by then I am starving. Looks like everyone had a lovely morning. Will have to keep an eye out for these in the shops.

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