16 signs you are living with a threenager. fancy dress

16 signs you are living with a threenager

Yesterday afternoon my 3 year old fell asleep in her carseat just as I pulled up at the school gates.  Considering we only live 5 minutes from the school and she was apparently absolutely, definitely NOT tired, I am convinced the 3pm nap of doom is just another one of her hidden talents. Just when you think […] Read more…

Winter on the beach in Jervis Bay

Winter on the beach in Jervis Bay

My lovely friend Seana, who you might know…… she blogs over at Sydney Kids Food and Travel, offered me her gorgeous beach house in Jervis Bay last week.  Mr D didn’t have any leave left and Josh just wanted to hang out with his friends at rugby camp, so it was just me and the girls who […] Read more…

Dream big with DryNites dream maker

Dream BIG with Huggies DryNites

This post is sponsored by Huggies DryNites. Bedtime often has a bad reputation for being the worst part of the day for parents.  The kids are usually exhausted and behaving like complete little so-in-so’s (for want of a more polite word) and parents are just completely over it and need a break.  Our house is […] Read more…

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