We really have had the most beautiful summer this year and a pretty spectacular Autumn too.  But as the kids go back to school for the start of the Winter terms I think we can sadly say goodbye to last of those warm balmy evenings!  See you in the Spring………

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17 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – The last of the our warm evenings……”

  1. I feel like summer bypassed us with all the rain that we had on the Gold Coast. So I’m loving that the sunshine has now come out even if it’s getting a bit chillier in the mornings. That last picture is adorable.

    • Thanks! Sometimes I wish we had your milder winter but I don’t think I could handle the heat of the summer though, lol!! And really I should not complain at all coming from the UK!! xxx

  2. Just beautiful. Summer well and truly ended here a while ago – nice to see it’s hanging around a bit longer elsewhere!

    • Not anymore! It was so chilly this morning that Master J was worried it might snow while he was at school (I think he might get his over dramatic side from me!!) x

  3. Thanks Yvette, we do it quite often and kids always go ‘Oh not the beach AGAIN!!!’ until they get there of course! DOn’t know how lucky they are! xxx

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