This was one of those spontaneous evening walks to the beach.  I just WISH I had had my proper camera with me and not just my iphone to get these shot in focus!!!

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29 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: A sunset, the beach and the most beautiful light”

  1. Wow, what a wonderful place you live Robs! Really wish you were back in England but can completely see why you’re staying!xx

  2. oh my gosh your photos are incredible – did you use an app on your phone? They are the best Sunset Beach Photos that I have seen in some time!
    And incredible colours.
    Is the beach in QLD? Its incredible.

    • Oh wow, thank you Lisa. I didn’t use any apps or editing tool at all. Honestly – they are downloaded straight from my iphone 5. I’m on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – NSW coastline. I couldn’t believe it either – even the kids were saying “wow mummy look how red the sky is??” xx

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