I’ve been very snap happy with my iphone the last couple of weeks, and looking back through my camera roll has made me realise (again – and probably for the millionth time) just how beautiful it is in this little corner of the world that we live in.  Some days though, I do feel very far away from my family, but having such happy kids (if you overlook the whinging and the odd tantrum) I know we’ve done the right thing.  Truth be told, seeing the ocean every day has done wonders for me too.
As ever, the last couple of weeks have been busy busy.  I feel like I always say that, like it’s the standard opening to these posts. But REALLY we are very busy – most days I don’t even have a chance to sit down! But if you had to ask me exactly what I’ve been up to……I’d really have to think about it.  I’m sure my brain must resemble swiss cheese!!
Anyway, here are some of my instagram favourites to give you some insight!
The Easter Moon

The full moon last weekend was just SO beautiful.  I walked over to the beach both nights to watch it.  The kids only came with me when they realised it might delay their bed time.

Spider Miss came down to the beach with me to wait for the moon.
Sausage sandwiches alfresco with good friends

This little gem is just over the road from our house and we often walk over and have a picnic dinner.  It’s a perfect place for the kids to play, especially as our garden at home is tiny.

You can’t beat a beach walk, even on a cloudy day

I took this picture last week when the weather was a bit rubbish (well, by Sydney standards) and I needed to get the kids out of the house before they drove me crazy.  There was such a big swell and the tide was so high that there was almost no beach at all.  We had to do a lot of climbing over sand dunes and walking along the skinniest bits of sand, (trying to avoid getting swallowed by the incoming waves) that it turned out to be quite an exciting walk.  The usual whinging went from 10 down to about 2.5 – bonus!!

Re-distributing the sand after those huge waves washed away the beach
This just makes my heart swell.  I walked into their bedroom to find them like this – watching the crazy cockatoo’s out the window
We’ve had some beautiful Autumn days – perfect for a picnic
U7 Reds Friday evening training – the BEST team!! (no bias here)
As the weather is cooling down, the winter sports season has started and this year Master J is playing rugby.  Last year he played soccer, so there is a bit of a transition period going on as he learns the off-side rule!  Poor kid – last year Mr D was yelling (typical soccer dad) “RUN UP RUN UP!!” trying to get him to take the ball up the field so he could strike.  Now this year, Mr D is yelling “KEEP BACK KEEP BACK!!”  Pretty funny to watch them, but so far they have won all their games!
Watching her big brother at training.  It’s starting to get quite chilly now in the evenings – I think we might freeze on the field when we get deep into Winter.
He’s growing up so fast – some days I feel like I can’t keep up
I love this photo.  It’s a huge, beautiful old tree in the Botanical Gardens
Enjoying the last of the warm(ish) evenings before Winter sets in
Wearing ‘Barbie’s wedding dress’.  I just love how she insists on wearing the whitest, poshest dresses while playing barefoot in the dirt!!  But look at that smile!!
Watching the rain over the Ocean – so mesmerising.  Even with those threatening black clouds the rain somehow managed to miss us.
My little chook!  My mum says she looks the absolute spit of me at that age.  I’ve asked her to find me a picture so I can see.
My brother giving Master J a lesson on how to catch a fish
More baking – would you believe that I actually really enjoy it now??

The next two weeks are the school holidays here in NSW and I’m bracing myself!!  Having three of them ALL THE TIME means I’m going to have to hang on to my sanity until school starts again.  Luckily my mum and are arriving from England in 5 more sleepies!!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to see them – it’s been over a year since the last time.

If you’re got school holidays coming up, what are you doing to keep the kiddies entertained?

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