I know it’s Monday today but being a post Australia Day Holiday it totally feels like a Sunday to me  – and mine has looked a bit like this:

  • Washing was sorted, washed, hung up and then re-sorted and put away!!  Three loads I might add, as I’ve for some reason I decided to wash all the bed linen today too!!  The kids followed me around (bored) pretending to help, but actually not helping AT ALL – except to laugh at me when I jumped around like a mad women after finding a spider in a pair of underpants.  It’s like a jungle out there in my Aussie back yard – I can’t tell you how many horrible creatures seem to hang out on my clothes line!
  • Vacuumed the whole house, only to wonder why I bothered as five minutes later Miss L emptied a whole packed of rice bubbles all over the floor and Miss H ‘accidentally’ opened up her pencil sharpener dropping tiny bits of rainbow all over the carpet.  Yep, deep sigh!!!
  • Made bolognese sauce with the mince I took out the freezer two days ago and still hadn’t done anything with.  Oh and I made some pesto too, with the basil that I bought a few days ago to make said pesto, and is now looking very very sad!!  Only be told by Miss H.. “Mummy, whatever you’re cooking in the kitchen smells SOOOO gross!!”
And that was just my morning!!  I still had to think about lunch box baking for school next week (silent happy dance coming up).  It seems like a hundred years ago when Sundays were all about staying in bed until almost mid day, reading the papers, sipping hot coffee and then drifting back off the sleep again for another hour so before getting up heading to the pub for a big Sunday Roast!!
Anyhoo, I was just thinking that I haven’t done a round up off all my instagram photos for absolutely ages, so I thought I would leave you with a few from the last couple of weeks.  Happy Monday!!
Date night with Mr D.  We were sipping Mojito’s and co-ordinating our diaries in an attempt to do some yearly planning.
Dad’s little helper!  She is such a Daddy’s girl when he is home that I don’t even get a look in!!
Dad’s building bunk beds!!  First night was a complete disaster but it’s been plain sailing since then (hope potty training is as easy when we have to tackle that!!)
Rocking the one shoe look.  It’s off because she can take it off – simples!
My two girls are finally actually playing together.  It is the cutest thing EVER!!
Shade glorious shade!  We’ve had such scorching hot weather recently that this beautiful, huge shade tree in the park was just AMAZING.
These kids are having the BEST summer!  Aahhhh life as a kid, hey!
I don’t normally take food photos but this brunch was so delicious I thought it would be rude not too.  First time I’ve had an avocado smoothie too and it was YUM.
It’s the little things :)))
I have joined in on the #100happydays challenge on Instagram where you have to post something that makes you happy for 100 days.  It’s awesome – you should try it.
Man I love this motley crew!
More school holiday fun
Cheeky x 2
Riding a camel on Australia Day – as you do!

How is your Sunday/Monday looking??  Did you spend the day in bed with the papers?? (If so don’t tell me) or have you been baking for the return of the lunch boxes this week?

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6 comments on “What a Sunday looks like these days and a few Instagram snaps”

  1. Neither lol I spend my Sunday like everyday, waking early to a hungry baby then spending the rest of the day trying to get things done when she allows me some time (which is pretty much never).

  2. Such a productive day! my post-Aussie-day Monday was so lazy. Completing 3 loads of laundry can be nice in summer. I love the smell and feel of freshly sun-dried clothes. I should get round to a major household linen wash too before the summer runs out. And I feel for you with the vacuuming… I really think why bother sometimes…. but I hate stepping on crumbs 🙁 Love those yellow sandals on those little feet. I would wear those if they came in adult size!

  3. Love the car seat photo. I love when my girls play nice together too, Oh, I wish I could have layed in! I was actually glad on Monday morning I got a shower in and a walk around the block before anyone was up!

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