This week has been the last week of the school holidays, so we’ve tried to pack in as much as possible before the new school year starts.  It’s quite sad that the holidays are coming to an end but at the same time I am starting to crave some routine (and a break from the non-stop little voices).
Little dudes
Baby with a view
These photos were taken the other day in Manly.  Miss H was at Kindy and I had promised Master J I’d take him to the Water Works.  However it was a scorcher of a day, and we got there a little late (getting out of the house on time in the mornings is not always my strong point!) The queue was HUGE and there was no way I was standing there for an hour in plus 30 degree temperatures   So I braced myself for the whinge of all whinges and gently suggested to Mater J that we “go to the beach and cool down instead, and try again later………………….”  “YEAH” he said and raced down to the water.  Well!……. I honestly didn’t see that one coming – I was sure there would be tears!!  We met up with some friends and sat and chatted under a shady tree with the babies and a speculator view, whilst the boys played in the water for hours!  Don’t you love how unplanned, impromptu days turn out to be the best sometimes?
This week also saw the launch of my New blog “Mrs D plus 3”.  Well, it’s the same blog really but I just decided that I wanted to separate my personal blog from “Candy Bows Australia”.  I really wanted something that would be “me” and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   I hope you like it too.  You can also find me at my new Facebook page Mrs D plus 3.
UH OH!!  Sh’e almost on the move!
My days are numbered ……..
A very rare moment!  School holiday fun taking it’s toll
Twinkle Toes

Mr D came from a business trip to Las Vegas and brought back these very sparkly boots for Miss H.  She was in heaven!  Pink, sequence, sparkles and shoes!!!  You can’t get better than than in her books.  Even though they are a size too big (so she can wear them in the Winter) and the weather at the moment has been in the mid to high 30’s, she has not taken them off for a minute!  They have been worn to the beach – and to bed!!

This is what summer is all about!
School holiday play-dates are the BEST!
She is the perfect ‘dolly’ for Miss H to dress up!
Swimming the Bold and Beautiful from Manly to Shelley Beach and back
My preparation for the “Big Swim” was to swim the bold and Beautiful from Manly to Shelley Beach and back.  A lovely friend volunteered to do it with me and we had a great morning.  It was so refreshing swimming in the Ocean and a great way to start the day.  We’ll definitely be doing it again!  Anyone keen to join us??
The Big Swim
With very little preparation I managed to swim “The big swim” from Palm beach to Whale Beach in truly horrible weather conditions!!  Vey proud of myself.
My “plus 3”, just chilling on the beach enjoying the last few days of the holidays
Watching a movie with dad (dad is the sofa!)
Never thought I’d day it but it’s quite nice having a rainy, pyjama day every now and again!!
Next week is “back to school!!!!  Is everyone ready??

2 comments on “Third week of January. Love Instagram!”

  1. Well done you for doing the Big Swim out of the blue like that. I didn’t see you at the end, I’d never have got in safe and sound without help, or got out. How did you find those massive surf breaks?? I was scared!!

    Hope to see you again soon.

  2. OMG Seana I found those waves absolutely terrifying!! I actually quite enjoyed the swim but nearly got pulled out at the end because I couldn’t get in either. I started to panic quite a bit and eventually the sea literally spat me out on the shore! Boy was I happy to have my feet on the ground. Well done to you too – fantastic achievement!

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