Tuesday is normally my ‘day off’ – AKA no kids at home.  (Well, half day anyway as I have to leave before 3pm for school pick up and all the after school activities that follow).  I usually hibernate in front of my computer and try to answer as many emails, write as many blog posts and generally get as much done as I can before the mini tornados come home.  I LOVE Tuesdays.

Yesterday was different.  Poor Miss L was sick (and although I might have selfishly contemplated sending her to daycare anyway) I knew she had to stay home with me.  So that was it – day off cancelled!!  Instead of going straight home after the morning school drop off and just getting frustrated by all the work I couldn’t do, I decided to head straight out for a long walk.  It was great exercise as being poorly, Miss L was happy to just be pushed rather than insisting on walking (at a snail’s pace) and stopping to look at EVERY SINGLE flower or rock along the way.

I walked all the way to the top of Longreef Headland and was met by the most breathtaking views.  Just miles and miles of ocean.  I sat down and just breathed it all in and made a mental note of just how lucky I am to have all this on my door step.  I also got to have some extra gorgeous cuddles from my wee girl.  I think the fresh air did us both the world of good and as for all the work………. it’s still there today :))))

Here are some photos I took along the way.

Fisherman’s beach – not a bad spot to start a walk.
Golf with a view. I’m actually looking forward to Autumn as this spot always seems to get rainbows in Autumn and they’re SO pretty.
Happy to just be pushed for a change.
Just taking in the world.  If Winnie the Pooh came from Australia I think this would be his ‘thinking spot’
Cheered up for a quick snack (don’t judge me on the Barbie biscuits!!!)
What a view.  Amazing to think there is another whole world under all that blue.
I’m sure I could hear them……
It never gets old

(Still working on the whole ‘wordless thing’) but linking up the Wednesday with the gorgeous Trish from My Little Drummer Boys and Bree from Twinkle in the eye.

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10 comments on “The spirit of Longreef Headland for Wordless Wednesday”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful part of the world you live in! I love Autumn too. Hope you post some photos of those rainbows when they come out 🙂 Love the ‘thinking spot’. Miss L is just so sweet. My favourite photo is the one fourth from the bottom, where she’s facing the ocean.

  2. You have some amazing photos here – what a lovely place to be able to walk.
    I hope Miss L is feeling much better today.
    Have the best day !

  3. What a beautiful that and what a wise thing to do. In that same situation I have sometimes got very frustrated with the sick child, which just wasn’t fair to them. How lovely to be up there.

  4. Awesome views, a walk around here would make everything better. Sometimes a walk and letting go of what needs doing is the best thing to do, some days just weren’t meant to be. They have barbie bikkies?!! Better not let my girls in on that 😉

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