This week was a great one as it only started on Wednesday!!  Long weekends away really do rock!  So here are just a few pics to catch you up on the second half of my week.
Miss L on the school run.  She is such a little angel – on Thursdays she gets in and out of the car 8 times!!!!  And she is still always smiling.
 Most of this week was spent getting all my beautiful Candy Bows ready for the Josh’s school Carnival.  It was my first ever market and despite the howling winds and missing Miss H’s first ballet recital, I had a fabulous day.
My beautiful Miss H ready for her first ballet recital.  Mr D said it was one of the cutest things he’s ever watched.  I was gutted I missed it and can’t wait for the DVD.
The boys gearing up for their 25m swimming race!  They were awesome!!
Sunday morning swim club!  Next week I will be getting in too.  Think I’m more nervous about the temperature of the water (freezing) than actually swimming.  It’s been quite a few years since I did any swimming races but I’ve had my arm twisted by Master J – how could I say no???
I found these beautiful pink Cosmos and I just HAD to have them!  They really remind of my childhood as they grow wildly on the sides of the road in the part of South Africa where I grew up.
Sunday night!  A rare moment when they are all watching the same channel.

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