I’m a bit late with this post, I’m afraid.  I was due to write it yesterday but forgot that we had to spend the day in the city having full medical checks for our permanent residency application for Australia!!  What a process that was!!  But I am happy to report that we are all fit and healthy with no hidden tropical diseases.  We’re almost there now – SO exciting.

This week has welcomed back ROUTINE!!!  YEE HA!!  As much as I have really loved having the kids home for the holidays, I was starting to really crave routine again.  The summer school holiday really is a long one.

The last few days of our holidays were a bit of a wash out after what seemed like a years worth of rain decided to fall in a couple of days.  (My heart really does go out to all those poor families in Queensland that have been so badly affected by the rain, with some horrendous flooding).  We were lucky in Sydney to just have a few flash floods.  However living on the coast, the Ocean has given us some spectacular displays with some of the biggest waves I’ve EVER seen.  It was mesmerising just watching them.  Even the local surfers weren’t brave enough to venture out.

A stunning display at Narrabeen Beach
Some rainy day play.  Miss H managed to stay in her PJ’s the WHOLE day!  (Ahh remember those days…….)

On Wednesday morning Master J started Year 1!  They mixed up all the classes from last year so not only did he have a new teacher but a whole new class too.  He came out after his first day looking a little shell shocked, but apparently he’d had a very good day.  I had about 50 questions I wanted to ask about his day and had to be very restrained, keeping it to about 5!  Or maybe 10?  “Who was your new teacher?  Was she nice?  Who is in your class?  Who did you sit next to?  Did you recognise anyone from last year??………”  “MUM!!!  Will you just stop with all the questions – why do you HAVE to ask so many???????”  Typical boy – leaving me almost begging for information!!

First day of year 1.  He handled it like a pro
A quick swim after school.  I’m going to miss these days when the winter starts to creep in on us.
Sleeping beauty
Since Master J and Miss H have gone back to school and Kindy I’ve really enjoyed having my little bubs all to myself.  I’m really going to make a conscious effort to make the most it as I know it’ll be gone in a blink!
Caught in a down pour after school!  Why does it always rain at EXACTLY 10 past 3?????
Poor Miss L was less than impressed at being caught in the rain.  By the time we got to the car she was actually sitting in a huge puddle of water!
Fed up of being indoors, Master J decided to brave the angry clouds take a chance of being drenched again to practice his skateboarding.
Miss H’s first sleepover over.  Such good little cuties they were.
She is just so kissable!
Routine means my early morning fitness classes have resumed.  Those beautiful sunrises make all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!

Somebody decided to start crawling this week!  With her very first expedition just when I wasn’t looking!!  Typical!!!  I popped her down on a grassy patch next to car while I opened the boot to get her pushchair out, when suddenly I heard the most awful scream!  You know the kind that starts with silence………  I whizzed round to see that she had tried to crawl off the edge of the kerb and landed head first!  Poor bunny – I think we both had tears.  Fortunately it looked far worse than it actually was!

Did you notice that I have finally got around to getting my photos watermarked??  What do you think??    I have been using an app on my iphone called “PhotoMarkr”, which lets me insert my own image as well as txt onto a watermark.  It’s really good, although it would be a lot less time consuming if there was an application I could use directly in iphoto on my computer.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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