“Mummy, you can choose what I wear today” says Miss H with a little twinkle in her eye and half a smile – as if she is doing me some sort of favour!  “Oh thanks” I say, “Are you sure??????”  (I lost the battle on what she wears a good few months ago now and have really had to dig deep to allow her out the house dressed in ‘her choice’ of clothing!). “Yes!” she yells out from under the cover in my bed (she’s not a morning person either)………………… “but NO shorts! And NO trousers!  Oh, and no blue shirt!  Only purple!  No, just pink!  Yes, pink!”
Wearing her gorgeous “Candy Bow” tutu.  If you’d like one, visit us on fb at http://www.facebook.com/CandyBowsAustralia
She is so strong willed and it doesn’t matter how hard I try to reason with her……”but that shirt doesn’t match that skirt sweetie, why don’t you try this one???” ‘NO!”  “Here, let me show you – this one has butterflies and this one has butterflies!  Why don’t we put them together??”  “NO!”  “But that’s mummy’s MOST favourite dress, I’ll be so happy if you wear it today”.  “NO!”  “I’ll give you two smarties, if you wear this one?????” (Sometimes you just have to resort to blackmail).  “NO!….. but I’ll do you a deal mum”, she continues, “How about I wear this one (not my choice) and you give me two smarties???”.  So you can see how I just can’t win anymore!
Some days she actually impresses me with her choices (although I might have cheated ever so slightly by only putting things in her wardrobe that I know she won’t be able to get too wrong), but other days I just learnt to roll with it!  As long as she is happy, it can’t be a bad thing!!  (I can also always here my mum’s voice in my head saying, “pick your battles Robs!!).  Mr D doesn’t seem have the same battles as me, but then it did take me at least 6 months to teach him the difference between legging and tights!!
Gotta love the white socks!
Miss H has definitely inherited a passion for fashion and it does make me chuckle!   When  a new dress arrives in the post (I’m an internet shopper) she wraps her arms around it as if she’s just found her long lost favourite teddy and gushes “Oh I LOVE it mummy, it’s soooo beautiful!”  It’s too cute!
Reading Vogue from an early age!
Skirt! and shoes!
The other day I popped into our local department store to get some things for little Miss L (who is growing out of her baby clothes faster than I can keep up) and Miss H clapped eyes on this brightly coloured rainbow skirt!  (I must admit, it was a pretty cool skirt).  Before I could even blink she had rushed over pulled the skirt off the hanger, ripped off the tags, flung her dress off and had the skirt on!  “Look at my beautiful new skirt mummy” she said, with the hugest smile!  The lady standing next to me looked straight at me and said “That skirt! Is coming home with you!” and how right she was!  I was not even going to attempt to get her to take it off.  That skirt has been worn every day since and has even bed to bed with her!  “At least you’ve got your money’s worth,” says Mr D!
This morning I managed to get Miss H into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as the weather looked a bit chilly and she was off to Kindy.  We arrived at Kindy at exactly the same time as one of her friends who was wearing a skirt!!!!  Oh god, I just knew what was coming.  I tried to rush past, waving a quick Hi and making it look like we were in a hurry, but it was too late!  She had seen the skirt and the water works started!  “I’ve got just the thing for you Miss H”, says Shelley (Hollie’s very enthusiastic teacher coming to the rescue), and she pulled a bright pink, sparkly skirt out of the lost property basket.  Miss H was not impressed and clung to my leg.  The more I tried to peel her off the more she clung on, tears pouring down her chubby little cheeks!  I couldn’t quite make out if she was saying ‘I want a skirt” or “I want my mummy”.  Either way I felt terrible.  She usually has such a happy, skippy drop off.  Shelley peeled her off me and Master J (who is on his school holidays) and I ran out the door as quickly as we could.  Now I know that she will be absolutely fine, but I still couldn’t help having the horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach that I’d abandoned her, guilt made even worse by the fact that Master J did not have to go to school.
When I arrived to pick her up later that afternoon, Shelley caught my eye and told me she’d had a GREAT day.  Phew!  I knew she would but it did make me feel better hearing it from her.  As we got in the car, I asked Miss H my usual question “Tell me about your day Mouse (her nickname)?”  “Mummy”, she said, “I had a very sad feeling”.  “Oh no sweetie, why did you have a sad feeling?” I asked her.  “Because you left me………………………….(instant guilt pangs from me as she pauses) and then she continues “because you left me with no skirt!!!”
Do you have a little lady who MUST dress herself??
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