I popped down to the beach this morning with Miss L for a bit of fresh air and it was just spectacular. Although the air was a bit chilly, the sky couldn’t have been bluer nor water any clearer if they had tried.  While Miss L ran around like a loony (clearly she needed the fresh air), I brought my camera with me and snapped away.  It was the worst time of day for photos (say the experts) and everything is totally over exposed but I was just happy to be snapping.  I even took my camera off auto and had a little play with the settings.

Sydney winter sunshine is magical.

winter sunshine 15

Winter Sunshine 4

WInter sunshine 13

Winter Sunshine 9 Winter Sunshine 11 Winter Sunshine 3 Winter Sunshine 7 Winter Sunshine 8 Winter Sunshine 5 Winter Sunshine 6

Winter sunshine 12

Winter sunshine 14.jpg

I’ve said it a hundred times before, but it’s days like these when I get wholeheartedly reminded of just how lucky we are to live where we do.

Have you taken your camera out today?

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  1. Hello – yes! I had mine out at Willoughby park, with a tripod and a shutter cable thinggy, trying to get slow shutter speeds of kids on roundabout to make them all blurry. But it was all the wrong time of day, too much contrast/shadows. I must have an hour with you and show you Lightroom, it’s easy to use and can help A LOT with daytime photos. I then went to Flipout with twins and it was darker there so better for slow shutter speeds and blur but so many kids!! And mums to chat too. I do love a play but I’d say I got 5 shots worth keeping int he whole day!!

    Yours are lovely, they are so Sydney and so Aussie and we are so so lucky. xxxx

    • Oh yes that would be great. I did have a brief look at lightroom but it looked way too intimidating. The only time I’ve managed to to crack the blurry shot is by pure accident. xxx

    • How exciting!! I use a Canon but my photographer cousin is a Nikon girl and her photos are amazing! Good luck xx

    • Do you boys let you take photos?? I think I’m going to have to find some new subject soon and mine get so whingy when I get the camera out. Miss H told me flat out the other day ‘no more photos mum!” xxx

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