Last Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful so Mr D and I tricked the kids into going for a walk.  If we’d just said “Hey guys lets go out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine” we would have been hit with a similar response to if we’d made them go to school on a weekend.  The moans would have been off the chart!!

Long reef is only 10 minutes from home and it’s really one of my all time favourite walks.  Armed with my camera and a big dose of patience we set off.  Miss H managed to enjoy some of the walk but by half way she was over it and boy did we hear about it!!!!

Luckily I still managed to catch a couple of smiles (early on).  I was practising with light and ISO.  I can still only on do one thing at a time with my camera when I take it off auto otherwise I get too confused. For ISO (which is all about light) I have to keep chanting “Is the Sun Out” in my head over and over to remind me what it’s for and which way to turn the dial.  I’m quite pleased with some of these, although you can’t go far wrong with this scenery!!
Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk fisherman at long reef Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk long reef walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Long reef cliff walk Do you like going for Sunday walks??  Are the kids game or do you have to twist their arms??

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11 comments on “Sunday walks and practising with ISO for Wordless Wednesday”

    • You’re such a sweetie!! They were exhausted but seriously you would have thought we’d made them run a marathon they way they carried on, lol !! x

    • I know!!! We’re so so lucky. Hopefully one day the kids will realise how lucky they are too – they’re so spoilt having this on their door step x

  1. Beautiful pictures! I definitely have to twist Mr 5’s arm when it comes to going for a walk. He doesn’t even like walking through the shopping centre, which at least goes in my favour because I can chuck him in a trolley and not have to worry about where he is!

  2. Stunning scenery, stunning pics! I always try to keep my ISO as low as possible and compensate with a wider aperture or a slower shutter speed to reduce the noise when I’m shooting in low light, but when you’re outdoors in stunning conditions like these, upping it can help reduce overexposure. So many things to learn!

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