The temperatures in Sydney have started to creep up a little in the last few days and the air has lost its biting nip of cold.  I hope I am not speaking to soon as we still have another month of ‘official’ winter to get through, but I can’t help feeling that there is a little touch of spring in the air.

I planted some daffodil bulbs in the garden earlier in the year and they are just starting to shoot their tiny green stems through the bark in the flower beds.  We also went down to the lake on Sunday so that Miss H could practise riding her bike (we’re aiming to get the trainer wheels off soon) and we bumped into a whole bunch of the cutest, fluffiest little ducklings with one incredibly patient Mumma duck.  Surely this is a sign that spring is almost here???   sunday walk at the lake 2.jpg sunday walk at the lake 3 sunday walk at the lake 4 sunday walk at the lake 8 sunday walk at the lake 6 sunday walk at the lake 13 sunday walk at the lake 5 sunday walk at the lake 9 sunday walk at the lake 11

Have you noticed a change in the air yet??

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23 comments on “Spring is almost here! Wordless Wednesday”

  1. ohhhh my gosh how cute are they!?!? And the mama duck let you pick them up?! She’s obviously used to all the people around? I can’t wait for spring! Just hope it lasts longer than a few days up here before sweltering summer!

    • I think she must be. We were a bit cautious at first but she really didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact she stood on one of her own babies, much to Miss H’s horror!! x

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing about the warmer weather this morning, I’m back in short sleeves and thongs where a week ago I was in 6 layers plus boots!
    Love these pics, mama duck is very patient!

    • I’ve got thongs on today too – it’s beautiful out there. Although the temperature are set to plummet here on Saturday, just when Mr is supposed to go out on a deep sea fishing trip. I don’t fancy being him!!

  3. Oh my goodness, fluffy ducks, I LOVE them! It’s warm up here now 24 today and 27 expected tomoz and full sunshine!
    (Just an aside those pink helmets you girl is wearing, from Kmart, have been recalled, if it’s from Kmart, if it is take it back you’ll get a refund without receipts etc. xxx)

  4. Oooh how lovely, I hope it stays like that for Problogger. Four weeks to go – WOOP!! Thanks for letting me know about the helmets. They’re actually both from our local bike shop and not K-Mart but I will check them out anyway.

    • I know they’re sooo cute. It used to be the baby lambs that were the first signs of spring in England xx

  5. Those ducklings are sooo cute! You were there at the right time. I have noticed the last couple of days have been a bit warmer and not so on the bitey cold side of things. Hope it continues 🙂

    • Me too. We and just soooo lucky to have such mild and beautiful winters that don’t last forever and ever xx

    • I remember seeing photos of our mums with baby ducklings. I’m pretty sure my mum still has the photos. Sooo cute xx

  6. Hi lovely not sure if you saw my reply to your comment re teaching as it took me a little while to reply, if you did see and don’t know the answers that’s totally fine no worries at all 🙂 super cute chickens and kiddies!!!xo

    Hi lovely so sorry for the delayed reply I’ve just been away with limited internet access!

    Thanks so much for responding, there’s obviously advice available online but it’s great to hear a personal story especially of someone with a little one! That’s exactly my journey so far – business degree and recently decided to teach – how strange Did she have enough of the hard faced world of business like me hehe

    If you were able to find out how much classroom experience your sis had when she got accepted onto the course that would be really useful to know as that’s my main concern with a full time job and a daughter!! You read different things about that online, and did her degree not being related to teaching hold her back at all? Has she managed to get a job now? I’m so glad she’s enjoying it and wish her the best of luck!

    Keep writing Robyn as you are so talented and I love reading your stories, your blog is such a funny true and honest reflection of life and parenting and your little family is gorgeous xoxo

    • I can’t wait to start planting all the summer annuals in my garden. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be hitting the garden center. xxx

  7. I agree, spring is almost here! Planted some flowers in my garden too!

    Kids should be exposed to nature and animals so that they can learn about the environment!

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